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Wine in storage


As you get to a certain age you start thinking “what happens to all the wine I have in storage if I die?”
So I have maybe 20 odd half and full cases in storage at TWS. Can I tell TWS to transfer them to my son’s accounts of my death?


Wrong approach, don’t think about it, drink it.


You can leave your share in your will, so presumably that will include any wine held in reserves. Be good to confirm that though!


Make sure people know where you have wine in storage, at least they know where to look.


I can provide an address where it will be well received.


Another nice touch is the ability to transfer your membership number and accrued share value on to your descendants. My 26 year old son has his Grandad’s number. The share value can’t now be realised until he dies, unless he passes it on to his putative kids whereupon it will carry forward again.


My grandfather loved vodka, upon his death we poured his vodka over his grave and in fact buried him with a miniature in the casket. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s “normal” or in fact just a little strange now…


I like the principal Leah, rather than having my finest bottles doled out to the undeserving I could go with a smile on my face knowing they would be going with me :joy:


I bet the flora and fauna around the grave thanked you too! :wink:


Not so sure that would work with a cremation, maybe hold up the next one.


Hahaha @japcraw, well at least there would be fireworks :smirk:


In a similar vein, I had a bit of a nightmare recently when I dreamt that I’d transgressed a Society rule, was thrown out and had all my reserves delivered in one go. I think it would easily fill the back room… and more… Better behave!