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Wine in a Can - Yes or No?


Next Thursday I’m off to Edinburgh for the Fringe and as well as trying to plan what to cram into five days I’m also thinking about train tipples because it’s a long old journey and the start of a jolly which to me means a drink! Now I like a gin in a tin and won’t say no to a Harry Brompton’s Alcoholic Iced Tea but I wanted something different and after seeing Helen McGinn’s review of Wine in Cans (via Instagram, I don’t lurk on the Sidebar of Shame) thought I might give them a try. Has anyone else tried any? Or would you even?


Take the 5 litre box of CdR. You might even have some left for the return journey :wink:. Can’t say I’ve tried canned wine but a fizz or white might need a small cool box, especially if the carriage aircon goes off :frowning:


Mmm, good point. I’ve got some handy little ice packs but yes no one wants a warm, tinned wine!


So the box of Cotes du Rhone may be a bit much as our train’s at 8am but I’ve just seen the Soave box is back in stock so that could also be a contender!


I have got on that train at 8am with people who look and sound like they’ve had a box of the CdR to themselves already. You will be just catching up


Oh god, I was hoping for a nice, civilised, scenic journey!


Make sure you are on the right side of the train for maximum scenery enjoyment - Newcastle bridges, coastline and Lindisfarne.


You’ll make a lot of Fringe friends on the train with a box or two of wine in hand. Do it!


I can 100% vouch for the Soave box! At only 11.5% it’s really lovely to sip in the sunshine with friends - although it is dangerously drinkable so be careful!



I hope that you have a fantastic time.
I tip up most years, and have enjoyed the full spectrum that the Festival has to offer.
Some years ago, John Lee Hooker in the Princes Street Gardens followed by an Orchestral rendition accompanying the Fireworks. We took along a picnic of to die for and some very decent Chablis, a night to remember!!

Quite memorable was NY City Ballet (surely not!! lol) dancing to some Aaron Copeland.
Spellbinding, and for a Taffy somewhat, nay extremely unlikely. LOL!!
But got dragged along to some Italian Opera which entrenched my dislike for that “art1”
I suppose, every man (woman) to their own!!
Something for everyone and it does not have to be expensive if you plan well.
And lots of good restaurants, take advantage of “post theatre” offers, you can eat very well reasonably.
I have some years ago, tried wine in a can.
Barely palatable with a hint of the metallic, not for me.
Maybe its better these days, but I would not pay to repeat the experience.


Wine in a Can has been around for years. Tesco had their southern red in cans as well as other packaging. They and Sainsbury currently have sparkling Pinot Grigio in a can.

Ideal for carrying in backpacks, camping and for venues that don’t allow glass. Lightweight container. What’s not to like?

I had the Tesco south French red in a can years ago. No metallic taste - but I didn’t drink from a can. If travelling get some disposable plastic wine ‘glasses’ 6 for £1 at Poundland


I can confirm that wine in cans was around in supermarkets years ago - and as well as generically named “southern French red” and “Australian red” (the red always tasted slightly better than the white) I remember with surprising fondness the “Sparkling Lambrusco” which could open like a shaken can of coke.


Reminds me of a friend who took 24 cans of Stella on a train home to Glasgow for him and a mate. “Are you sure you have enough?” I joked, to which he replied dead pan “Oh aye, my pal has his own case”


I’ve seen the Quello cans around in a few bars in my corner of London. It’s pretty nice, dry and refreshing. Miles better than your average pub prosecco.


Wine in a can? Just NO. Unless you heading for the park bench.

As to the Fringe, it’s great and you’ll have a fun time. Book some of the bigger shows, and then just fill in as you feel. Some of the odder things turn out the best, or at least most talked about.


Enjoy the trip and stay cool…no can no need…



I remember also seeing these a while back, can’t remember where but they are a single glass of wine but with a peel off lid - slightly more sophisticated than a can I guess!



I’ve had the FOX variety of single glass wines with peel off lid, available at Clapham Junction Station. Might be the only glass of wine I have ever had that I simply could not finish.


Come on man up!
It’s your round!!!


If you insist… :joy: