Wine in a box

We have started campervaning for some of our holidays . Wine in bottles is less practical for transportation and boxed wines would be mush more user friendly.
The WS only appears to have two options and the red appears to come as a rather larger box than would be useful for a couple away for a week.
Has anyone knowledge of decent reds that are good for everday drinking and match simple camping foods that are available from supermarkets.

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I’m sure Waitrose are doing a range of box wines now. I’ve been tempted to try this

Porta 6 is widely available and might do the job. I’ve only had it in bottle.

Decanter recently ran a feature on BiB. Unsurprisingly these people featured heavily

They are more expensive than supermarket wines but if you’re interested I’ll see if I can find the recommendations.

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The Society are going to be providing a lot more of their own label range in boxes shortly. offer a range of “premium” bag-in-a-box wines too and Le Grappin do some good options in “Bagnum” (two bottles in a bag) format too.


I recently bought 2 boxes of this so got an extra 10% off, great value at £8/bottle equivalent.

Many thanks they look excellent I think I will try the BiB company .

I still prefer to open a bottle while away in my van … I have a wooden carrier that holds six bottles and can get a couple in fridge box too

Are your holidays all in Great Britain?

If you go to the continent, the Carrefour hypermarket in Cité Europe, Coquelles stock a big range of bag-in-box wines.

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The top red picks from BiB Wine Co in Decanter were

Reverdy-Ducroux Sancerre £55 93 pts (their white also scored highly)
Michael Opitz Buddy Talk £42.80 91 pts
Quinta da Pedra Alta, Flor da Pedra Alta £39.90 90 pts

I think I’d struggle to bring myself to spend that much on a BiB, but please report back if you try any of the above.

I dont think any format or price would ever lead me again to buy any more Porta 6. After an experimental shop for everyday drinkable cheapys from Morrisons it came either last or second to last. Taking this on holiday camping with you would only lead to ruining your holiday.
It is a shame but boxed wine isnt easily available in the UK, whereas in France theres plenty to choose from and some of its a lot more drinkable than Porta 6.
When we go camping we tend to take 6 bottles with us packed in a cardboard box and then buy the rest when we get there.
During the summer your biggest challenge is stopping it from boiling in the bottle on a hot sunny day. My best advice to prevent this, assuming you’ll have very limited fridge space, is to stash your wine under your van or car if camping to keep it in the shade and down on the ground where it’s coolest.

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I’ve realised my mistake on current trip is to visit Rioja on the way to the Mediterranean rather than on the way back. Wine storage management now is a constant feature for the rest pf the trip :rofl:

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Oh dear, you could ask the campsite manager if he has somewhere cool he could store it for you. Some places they can be incredibly helpful.
Obviously storing a few bottles under your car isn’t too much of a risk but it’s a different situation if you’ve bought heavily early in your trip and you dont want your holiday stash disappearing over night.

We’re not in campsites but I just decant a dozen bottles from the boot of the car every time we stop in an Airbnb.

I second @strawpig suggestion of the Le Grappin range , excellent wine and bagnums of 1.5 litres .