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Wine gatherings in Cambridge area

I know it’s fairly academic right now, but are there many here within striking distance of Cambridge or Saffron Walden that would be on for post-pandemic meetups at a suitable venue?

I moved up here at the beginning of the year and love it, but the wine scene isn’t anything like it was in London (and won’t be, even when the pandemic has passed). Public transport isn’t that great either, but I guess cabs are cheaper in a way.

I do have a group of friends with shared interests, but sometimes it’s fun to meet with relative strangers, as happened at a couple of events in London.

Maybe June 2021?!! Time to get planning…

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I’m in Norwich so potentially if it fits in with work / train schedules! I keep meaning to make more of an effort to attend society events too as Stevenage isn’t that much further.

Not been to Cambridge for a long time but have you tried Cambridge Wine Merchants? They used to have quite a few shops dotted around and were a nice bunch. If they resume events would be a good place to meet more wine people

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I have been there, although I’m much more familiar with Bacchanalia and NYWines (who are also closest).

I’m based in Cambridge, and so might be interested.

I tend to use Cambridge Wine Merchants over Bacchanalia for wine - I think they have a wider range. But Bacchanalia on Mill Road is clearly the choice for beer. NY Wines are indeed good, but a little bit further to go for us. I feel we are actually quite well served for good independents.

I might well be interested - and many years ago I was part of the London Winepages offline bunch. Indeed I think I attended informal one in your old offices near Old Street (or does my memory fail me).

Hi Jeremy - Quite possible! I certainly did host a few offlines there…