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Wine gadgets


Hi all,

I have a feeling this might be an interesting thread, what sort of wine gadgets do you own or are maybe looking to get? I notice that there is now a Sulphate filter about to come onto the market (rather pointless) but was wondering what gadgets everyone has at home.

For me I have a few bits but nothing crazy:

Wine Society cork screw - very good as it has an integrated foil remover
’Corksicle’ but with a pourer - integrated wine aerator and chiller that sits inside a bottle for white wine
Conundrum wine decanter
Vacuvins - HIGHLY recommend getting a set of these, they are well made vacuum stoppers that help keep wine fresher for longer
Wine fridge - not really a gadget but its wine related!

I would love to invest in a Coravin however I don’t really have any wines that justify the need for one or indeed the cost of the system plus the upkeep.

I am tempted to start a corkscrew collection, my uncle has a fair few ranging from the novelty as well as different ways of removing the cork - things like the Ah So cork remover as well as a pressure needle system which puts compressed gas into the bottle which then forces the cork out.

What sort of gadgets do you have?


I also have a good old Wine Soc corkscrew! The only other gadget/accessory I have is a six bottle wine rack which is a pyramid of hexagons and pretty funky to look at! I am on the hunt for a decanter at the mo so any recommendations would be very welcome :blush:


I tend to shun gadgetry as I dislike clutter and often find a good simple tool and skilled hands more rewarding. I do like the simple tool to be nice though. My go to corkscrew is a Legnoart waiters knife I got as a gift years ago. Heavy and satisfying in the hand, attractive to look at, and effective to use. I also have an Ah So my dad gave me (they were all the rage 1980s California) which I often take on picnics with friends since its light to carry and has some novelty value.

The one thing that always catches my eye is that electric wine chiller that brings a wine to whatever temperature you desire (within a range) in 20 minutes. I’m pretty particular about the temperature of my wines these days and that seems like a better way of getting a bottle where I want it, rather than the fridge door and my hand on the bottle. It takes up lots of space though, so I’ve also considered one of those thermometer strips. But I’ve spent years considering and have yet to commit to purchase. Anyone have any experience with either?

Perhaps better as a related thread, but I’m also curious to know what everyone’s favourite type of cork screw is.


I had one of those temperature control things, but I don’t have it anymore! Took up loads of space, was noisy, took far longer than 20 minutes to bring to temperature… This was 10 years ago so they may have improved, but I wasn’t impressed with it at all!


I’m not particularly big on wine gadgets. I have a big standard waiter’s friend corkscrew and a couple of foil cutters. I’ve had lightning levers in the past, which I’ve liked, but they tend to break so I don’t bother with them anymore. I’ve accrued a fair few bottle stoppers but they’re basically redundant now I have a vacuvin. I’ve got one of those thermometer things somewhere too, but I have no idea where!
I’ve got 3 decanters, 2 of which were freebies from Laithwaites. The amount of free stuff they used to give me for ordering was ludicrous. Eventually I cottoned on to the fact that they were just an attempt to distract me from the quality of the wine.

Edit: Just remembered some other stuff. We’ve got a glass champagne bucket which we’ve never used, and a stainless steel wine cooler. Also, one of these for picnics, which I love:


The one wine gadget I’ve owned…

Puigpull corkscrew: great drama and speed opening in front of customers.


Worked for Laithwaites for a while, most of the wine was terrible, the company was rolling in the profits. Not much fun flogging horrible and boring wine. The fine wine list was ok, but stuff like Bombero and Full 15 were the wine equivalent to Special Brew (strong and nasty)!


That looks quite a cool corkscrew and yet compact :slight_smile:


It’s actually a wonderfully practical gadget too!


I’ve got all the usual stuff (and I have to admit that I am the proud owner of a Coravin having met the owner and inventor). However … THIS is what I am missing:

Any guesses what it might be? (no reverse image search, you techies out there! Only educated guesses please) :slight_smile:


At the risk of a QI klaxon surely it’s a corkscrew?! :thinking:


not really … it serves a specific function :slight_smile:


Hmm, is the thread hollow? Some sort of pump to release wine without uncorking?


Getting closer - though no actual pump is involved :slight_smile:


I am guessing its an ‘old school’ coravin as the centre is hollow and it seems that the top has a pouring spout so I am guessing this is simply screwed into the bottle and leave it there, you can then depress the handle (which would be alongside the bottle) for it to then pour out the spout?


Hurrah! Well spotted! Yes, the thread is hollow (you can see the holes if you look carefully).

In fact it is specifically a ‘Champagne Tap’ and the idea was to drill through the cork and allow the natural pressure to ‘pump’ the wine out as you opened the tap. Unfortunately I can’t find a video to demonstrate it (I’ve only seen them in a museum video demonstration), but ever since I first heard about the idea I have been desperate to see it in action … and maybe to own one.


Ooo now that it interesting! I am guessing the cage and everything would still need to be on the bottle though as otherwise the cork might decide to no longer be in the bottle part way through the pour!


One of the MANY items I would like to explore if I had one to play with :slight_smile:


That is very cool.

Interestingly I saw today that Coravin have come out with special screw cap topper things. It looks as though you de-cap the wine and put the Coravin cap on, it has a membrane that you puncture as with a regular cork and enables you to keep screwcap wine and “access” it over several months (if they are to be believed).


That Champagne tap looks pretty cool I have a Coravin that I am reluctant to use and an Ah-so that I love… the Ah-so sometimes does not work, too tight or too loose corks are not friends… for that occasion I have a waiter’s friend