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Wine fridges


Would really appreciate any assistance on buying a wine fridge for about 200 bottles . Has anyone had good experience with any particular brands ?

Will be using it to cellar mainly fine wines and vintage champagne

Thank you !


hi there,

I bought wine fridge from Nisbetts. I am very happy with it… It is dual zoned. It cost £1,000 and is purported to store 155 bottles. This number is for Claret shaped bottles that are thinner than the chunky Burgundy and Champagne. I managed to get 140 bottles stored after some judicious repacking.

The shelves are wooden and slightly flexible which helps…

on Nesbitts site it’s called…

Polar 155 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge. Code CE218


The price quoted is without VAT.

hope this helps…


I started a thread a while back about this, I found that the most cost effective option is to find a decent brand but buy it used.


Hi @NSB1, there are a number of threads discussing wine storage and different solutions, have a look below…
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Hope these help


I have a Liebherr Vinothek WKb4212 which takes 200 bottles. Have been using it since Feb 2019 and so far I am very happy with it.


I bought one of the Liebherr Wine fridges, in 2016 for around 200 bottles specifically for ‘outside’. It is in the garage. it has a top section for reds and lower sections, at different lower temperatures for white wine and sparkling. However last summer one of the sensors broke and had to be repaired. Fortunately i had purchased the extended warranty so it was done very quickly with no extra cost. It has been fine since.


I have a eurocave that was remaining stock from a couple of years ago discovered in the warehouse of the local retailer. Unused but out of warranty. Very happy with it and though still very expensive it was cheap for what it was.


Me too, since November, and I’m also really happy.


I think a couple of people linked to some smaller units (20-40 bottles) on here a while ago but I can’t find the original posts. Anyone fancy sharing details?

[edit] found them now, thanks

Kalamera KR-18AJPE 18 Bottles Freestanding Touchscreen Wine Cooler, Electronic Controls, Wine fridges, Black.48ltr Wine Refrigerator. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GHER4O2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZYy9CbSEJZD1M


I have two Liebherr cabinets and have been using them for a number of years. Think about the number of bottles that you wish to store and allow for future growth as I’m sure you will soon fill one cabinet.


Me too. Very happy with it. I have a serving cabinet so 18C at top for reds and 7C at bottom the whites. Holds 192 bottles.
PS I recommend you place it somewhere which never get any direct sunlight through windows. It sends the motor into complete overload to cool itself down. I have blown through one motor already


Original post refers to ‘wine fridges’ which do exist of course, but in practice it sounds like a storage cabinet that is required.

As well as specific brands, it’s probably more important to look at key functional characteristics e.g. how important is the aesthetics of it (which will bump up the cost), where is it envisaged to be placed - some will operate well in an unheated garage, some won’t, whether two temperature zones are needed, and also whether it’s going to be big enough, bearing in mind that the actual capacity might be quite a bit less than stated capacity, particularly if a lot of champagne is in it.


Wine and barrels have a black Friday sale on. Some of the savings look good.



Had a Liebherr for 15 years now, second hand for about 100 quid. Works like clockwork. I only have about 120 bottles in it though - happy to have the rest at room temperature.