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Wine Fraud or is it?

I recently had lunch with a friend at a lovely French restaurant who have a great selection of wines. My friend has been there with her partner over the New Year and they had ordered a house special. A 2006 St. Emillion.
She said it was great, smooth, beginning show development and they enjoyed it so much her partner purchased a bottle to take home with them.
The following evening they opened the bottle and decanted it. Straight away she noticed the colour difference. It was much brighter than the wine they had drank the night before but let it sit in the decanter and wait.
They went to drink the wine and she said it was a completely different wine to what they had drank the previous evening. This was a brighter and much younger wine. She checked the label to ensure it was in fact the same wine and it was, HOWEVER, the cork had 2014 printed on it.
Am I right in thinking this in fact wine fraud??
She didn’t want to cause a fuss by telling the owner but inho she really should as its his reputation on the line,
Whats your thoughts??

That’s very odd.

The front label definitely had ‘2006’ printed on it, but the cork had 2014? Or did they just sell her a different vintage (by mistake)?

The label had 2006 definitely and the cork had 2014 on it …! Yes very odd

Should definitely confront whoever sold them the bottle.


Well, in that case it is ‘misrepresentation’ if not actual fraud.

She probably should raise this with the restaurant as it appears they have issues with their supply and should take it up with their wine supplier. If she doesn’t get a satisfactory answer, there is always the chance to speak to Trading Standards. They will be keen to know where the wine was bought from.

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Doing nothing is collusion.

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I’ll speak to her again about it as they have photographic evidence as such … I know the restaurant use 3 different suppliers , 2 very well known and respected and 1 much smaller . Obviously could have come from any of the 3 . They had it on as a “special” so could possibly have been sold to them as “bin end” but who knows .

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Whether its the restaurant, or their supplier, something is amiss! I would certainly speak to them about this!