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Wine for the kids (when they turn 18)


Just as my son has a case of Dow’s 1994 from his christening… I haven’t the heart to tell him the cost of my storing it for him is more than the wine is worth, so I’ll just drink it instead :wink: :japanese_ogre:


My son was born in a great year for Bordeaux so I went that route.

I purchased some from 18/21 celebrations - independent of his love of wine at the time…I will enjoy the celebrations !

I went with:
Les Forts de Latour
Carruades de Lafite
Guaurd Larose

Some may not see that long with us…they may get sold


We’ve got a 2007 and a 2013 in our family :roll_eyes:

The other two are 2014s, not quite so bad and I’ll no doubt pick something up for them when I get a chance.

And I think I win the family prize for scuzzy Bordeaux vintage, being 1977.


I take your 1977 and raise you a 1974

I asked several prominent critics / industry bods for advice at 40th birthday…best advice…“lie about your age” :rofl:

Have tried a couple of 1974s…wont do it again


I too am cursed with the 77 vintage.
I consoled myself by having a pure 1977 soundtrack for my 40th birthday party. Bowie nailing his Berlin stuff. Television’s Marquee Moon. Loads of incredible disco including Saturday Night Fever and I Feel Love. Awesome year for music!


1974 is a great vintage for California. I also had half decent Barolo…


@DrEm beat me to it. Everyone says they don’t like sweet wines, yet I’ve never seen anyone push away a glass of Sauternes so I’d totally go with that. They age well and 2015 was a good year. You could even go for 24 halves…


@Bargainbob Have you considered a vintage champagne? May not be able to buy it yet but in due course vintages from their birthday years will appear and should last until an 18th birthday. May also be more palatable and celebratory for an 18 year old?

For example if your child was a 2006 vintage, this would comfortably be good for their 18th/21st…



I bought a case of Ch Leoville Barton 1988 EP from TWS for my ‘god daughter’.
In advance of her 18th birthday I told her about the existence of this case of wine.
She told me she didn’t like red wine (still doesn’t).
I gave her a nice bottle of champagne instead and kept the wine and drank it myself.
Result. :joy::wine_glass:


Man, that was a patchy old decade…

I keep telling myself there’s always Port for us 77ers.


That is a result!!!

I think it would be a very odd 18 year old that would really appreciate an 18 year old claret on their 18th birthday. So @Bargainbob, I suspect you really need to have something that will age for considerably longer than 18 years so you gift it to them on their 18th birthday but they’ll probably only want to drink it (or sell it) about 10+ years after that.


You could also look at Port as an option - something to give them on their 18th which will be something for them to hold onto for longer and drink when they feel its ready, there are some 2015 vintage ports, can’t say anything about 2018 though.


I think this is a great idea. I mean, I’ve got reds from their birth years waiting for a coming-of-age celebration, but I imagine your average 18 year old will just politely force down a glassful of Mum & Dad’s fusty old claret before hitting the alcopops with their mates in whichever sticky-floored venue got vouchers through the letterbox first.

Champagne, on the other hand, might be more palatable, as well as having the instant party vibe.

I might do this, even if it’s just a single bottle.


Mind you, there’s always this! Maybe one that they’ll like and one that you’ll like…?


Saying that there is a trend for younger people to not have any alcohol at all:


I don’t think the inclusion criteria included Geordies :rofl:


I’d say that’s one of the reasons I hesitate investing in this sort of future planning… :thinking:


Or just an excuse to buy some wine to lay down :smiley:


I haven’t and wouldn’t buy wine for such occasions, but back the self-serving rider "well I can always drink it myself ".


Or use in a Cheeky Vimto…:wink: