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Wine for the kids (when they turn 18)

I’ve decided to buy a wine for each of my daughters, from their year of birth, to give them when they turn 18. It’s probably a bit early to tell what wines I might be looking at for my youngest, what with the 2018 vintage having just been harvested, but my eldest is a 2015 baby so those wines are very much on the market already.

The first decision is which colour to go with - Jenny currently adores all things yellow which might lead towards a white wine, but I think I’m going to go red and assume that her tastes might change over the next 15 years. My natural inclination would be to go with Bordeaux, because a decent claret could well have 18 years life in it, but I know I could also look at Rioja, Rhone, PIedmont etc.

Just wondering what some of you who have much more experience with ageing wines might choose. The budget would be around £50 or thereabouts.

Incidentally, for 2018 I would love to go with an English red given the rave §reviews this year’s crop has had, but I’m not at all convinced they would last that long.

@BargainBob I would steer clear of the English red for the same reason as you. One choice could be Chateau Musar. Something a “bit different” and ages well.



Personally I’d go Rioja for 2015. It’s a beautiful year, will go the distance and is probably more appealing to an 18 year old’s palate (sweeping generalisation there but hey ho). However anything really good probably wont be released for another 2/3 years years so it’s a gamble r.e. price and whether you can get any of it… Alternatively 2015 is being touted as one of the best Barolo years in history and an en primeur may be around the corner… who knows?

Current signs are that 2018 is going to be an absolute stonker in Bordeaux so your safe bet would be to wait until next year and get some Bordeaux en-primeur. A lot of mildew about so not sure about sauternes/barsac yet but could be a good alternative if you decide against red.


Wanted to do the same and bought a case of Chateau Margaux EP from Berry Bros… could not resist the temptation to sell it though. I still have some other 2014 and 2016 candidates… will see, they might not even like wine.


I considered the ‘might not like wine’ possibility too. I’ve come to the conclusion that I still will, and will gladly raise a glass in their honour! :wink:


I bought a case of 2015 Chateau Batailley and will be giving 1 bottle each to 2 of my friends who had their wedding in 2015 for their 10th anniversary gift. The drink dates on them via cellartracker is 2022 to 2039 - so a 24 years at the end of drink window.

I would suggest looking at left bank claret or maybe some longer lived white such as Vouvray - I tried a 1923 Vouvray last year and it was still fresh!

Might be worth going more towards a red as it is more likely to last the distance and pair well with food when it gets there.

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No surprise, I would go for a Northern Rhone from the fantastic 2015 vintage made by arguably one of the planet’s greatest domains.

This Chave St Joseph 2015 is rated 94 by Jeb and 5*'s by J L-L.
It will last until 2033 if well stored and should be an absolute treat to drink.
£65 per bottle is slightly above budget, I know.

Anyway, that’s my shot at your conundrum!


I know you are plumbing for a Red but don’t forget Sauternes. It will be golden yellow after that time. A Climens? The 2009 has a drinking window to 2050 for £44/half! The current second wine is available still in EP, I think.


Was that the Chateau Margaux 2015 that you sold?
I got 3 bottles EP from TWS.
The commemorative bottle and the quality of the vintage has made it THE ONE Ch Margaux to own!

You could always present your child with a bottle of the Chave Hermitage 2015!?! :open_mouth: :wink::grinning:

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It was 2014, we skipped 2015.

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It’s a nice thought - I’ve got a year to save up before it’s released I suppose! And definitely wouldn’t mind keeping hold of it if she’s not into wine…

Thanks all for your suggestions so far. I hadn’t really considered Musar as an option, but with its ageing potential and significant vintage variation that could be an excellent shout - thanks @qualitybristol

For 2015, I’m also tempted by Rioja, Rhone and Barolo - mainly because I tend to buy a bit of red Bordeaux for ageing, so going with something different would feel a bit more special (although I don’t typically spend £50 per bottle to be fair). Sauternes is an interesting option, @DrEm, but knowing how sweet wines can be a bit of an acquired taste I’m not sure it would be the right choice for an 18 year old. That being the case, the only mature Sauternes I’ve ever had (the '98 Suduiraut at the press tasting last month) was so good that I definitely wouldn’t rule it out as an option!

Oops! :cry:
You’ve still got the Chave though!:grinning:

One thing about this wine buying lark is that WE ALL miss out on things that we would have liked to have had. The upside is like buses…!!:wink:

I mean skipped 2015 on the child front not First Growth-wise…


My ears have just plucked up…



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I’d definitely go Bordeaux. You could get a really good 2nd growth although maybe just a touch above budget.

An 18 year old Leoville Barton or Leoville Poyferre would be fantastic.

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It’s another one of these


I’d probably steer clear of Barolo / Nebbiolo. It’s a tricky flavour profile and has taken me a long time to learn to love it (which I do), but I don’t think many 18 year olds would. Rioja’s a good bet - although if you went for vintage port, you could keep it almost indefinitely - so a six pack would do a bottle for each of 18th, 21st, 30th 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays!


I bought a case of Ch. Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande as it was released the week my little girl was born. Hopefully she’ll just say “you can have it dad…”