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Wine for Easter


Hi all,

We have family round over the Easter weekend, looking to cook lamb but make it into a warm Lamb salad rather than the standard full on roast.

What do people suggest as a wine pairing?

Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative
Wines for Easter [by Marjorie Cropp]

I predict that by the end of this thread the conclusion will be: basically anything :grin:

I’ll start with beaujolais. Maybe Fleurie.


Thanks for that - yeah its probably going to be a free for all lol.

The food and wine matcher is suggesting a Rioja or a Chianti.


I was going to suggest a Rioja, I’d be thinking more of a lightly oaked Crianza than something “bigger”.

This Ribera has been a favourite of mine over the last year, and despite the recent £1 price rise/btl is still worth recommendation. Served at cellar temperature it’d match a warm lamb salad nicely IMO, especially if it’s going to have some biggish flavoured veg/fruit in it too, such as roast peppers/augergine/garlic.

From my review “Very good. Classic tempranillo. Cherry on the nose and bright cherry on the palate, creamy light oak gives way to a gentle cranberry crunch from the nicely integrated tannins which softens into a warming juicy fruit finish. Good length, nicely balanced acidity and harmonious…

By comparison the Tobelos, Los Autores ®& Prado Rey are significantly more oakey.

Another contender? But I’ve not had this particular Crianza…yet.


I’m with @tom on this, would also go for a Beaujolais cru. Acidity to cut through the meat but light enough to work with a salad.

Lighter Loire reds might also work?


I would go for a Cab Franc - Loire, but not necessarily just from there. I think its fruit and light perfume will go nicely with the lamb. This lovely Cab Franc might work too (planning to open one tomorrow, in fact, so maybe it’s on my mind…:grinning:)


I am thinking the classic Rioja is the thing and I think the oak will help.

Although the 2005 was magnificent last week if you have any.

enjoyed the 2014 in Spain recently. Classic Rioja

Some say pinot is a good match and it would be a brighter welcome to the spring maybe.

Like the man said almost anything.


Go middles eastern with the lamb and salads- the lamb coated in sumac and cumin, tabouleh, couscous, baba ganoush… there’ll be plenty left over for the Monday too.
Could you also match an oily white wine too? Would Borovitza MRV be out of line?