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Wine for Breakfast seems over the top


I have just seen this picture in the Wine Societys page on Instagram.

I was at a party once many years ago and i met a life peer who had been drinking Gin all day without it making him drunk. It probably wasnt doing his liver much good . He died at the age of 71 not long after i met him. I dont drink wine at breakfast I wonder if there is wine to go with Branflakes


In my teens I once had a vodka omelette for breakfast after an all night party!


Something with plenty of roughage. Maybe an undecanted red😉


Surely a Bucks Fizz is the only acceptable way to drink orange juice in the morning?! :wink:


I don’t know…i’ve heard orange juice isn’t that good for you


Whist having breakfast at a garden centre which had just been taken over we spotted a pile of 'old stock ’ including a great fire pit and this exact sign made of wood. My missus bought it for a fiver and it hangs in our kitchen.

Its not a philosophy i have tried yet!


The only time I have wine for breakfast is Christmas Day! All logic and reason goes out the window for that one day of the year and I usually have a glass of fizz with something like smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

I also drank wine for breakfast on my hen do weekend… again, bit of a one-off, and not something I’d encourage anyone make a habit of!


Champagne for breakfast is one of life’s great joys, although not more than a few of times a year (obviously Christmas day must be one of those).

I do also like a Bloody Mary with brunch, or indeed a Marmalade Cocktail which I first encountered at Hawksmoor but is based on a cocktail originally in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book.


That sounds delicious (found it [here], right up my street (https://www.matchingfoodandwine.com/news/cocktails/hawksmoors-marmalade-cocktail/))


In the seventies / eighties in Hungary it was customary for manual workers to go to the pub for a shot of pálinka before starting work at 6am (might be just an urban legend).

When people were allowed to slaughter their own pigs, palinka was customarily served through the day. Mishaps were not uncommon as a result.


I worked night shifts for many years. Opening a bottle of wine when I got in at 7:30 was a common occurrence. In my defence, I would cook an evening style meal to go with it.

Not strictly breakfast as far as my timeclock was concerned but I was genuinely surprised when I found out my workmates didn’t do something similar !


Sparkling wine is frequently found on the buffet breakfast table in Europe. I have seen Cava in Spain, Prosecco in Italy, Sekt in Germany and Netherlands. And on Viking river cruises.

I like wine, but having tried it, I don’t look for it. However breakfast on the first day of the American Wine Society national conference has sparkling wine. This year we had a white and a rose Champagne on the table and I enjoyed them both :slight_smile:


In the days before Club Med did ‘all inclusive’ all day drinks, they provided house wine and beer with all meals and this did include breakfast. I don’t recall anyone having a breakfast glass though.

In Sydney when I used to pass the early opening pubs on the way to work around 8 a.m., they were always full. Perhaps some were shift workers as in Embee’s post but most were having a ‘hard-starter’ before the day’s work and that would have been beer, not wine.


The Sediment blog once discovered a “Sunday morning wine” that took them by surprise:

Couple of extracts:

it was there I heard Innocent Bystander winery, from the Yarra Valley, describe their Pink Moscato as “a Sunday morning wine”. It was like a revelation. I’m sure there are many differences between Sunday mornings in the Yarra Valley and those in London. But the mere notion of a “Sunday morning wine” suddenly changed the whole prospect of waking up at the weekend.

Plus, drinking wine at breakfast gets you out of some of the more irksome aspects of a Sunday morning. No, I can’t drive to the supermarket, I’m probably over the limit. No, I shouldn’t trim the hedge, I’m a trifle unsteady. No, that DIY involving the power drill may not be a good idea. Oh, this is brilliant. I should probably go back to bed…


Oh dear, I can relate to that. I’d forgotten I used to occasionally enjoy a couple of glasses of Moscato d’Asti, with a bowl of strawberries, whilst watching motorcycle racing on TV on a Sunday morning.


Brittany ferries docking at 5:30am in St Malo: Calvados + coffee and buckwheat pancakes wrapped around a rustic sausage + mustard. Kind of eased one into the day.


And in 1985 as a student I worked the vendange in Regnie (Beaujolais). Back breaking hard work from before dawn til dusk. At second breakfast (in the vineyards, around 10?) there was bread and coffee and red wine - the wine was not a good idea if you actually intended to work until midday, but watered down like ribena it was ok.


Pálinka is amazing stuff, isn’t it? When the winter wind blows in from Ukraine, a glass really hits the spot. (After an entire bottle, all the spots join together).


Many years ago a friend admitted that, after a couple of bizarre spirits, he could see stars…the barman said" why stop at the stars, have another drink and see the universe"


Remember my nights partying in Vigo when I was living in N Portugal… The only way to finish the night was with oysters freshly cracked by venerable fishwives, served with a glass of Albariño on granite tables in the street