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Wine & Food matching help please!


Hello all! Tomorrow night I’m going around my friend’s house for dinner and she’ll be cooking this https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/tomato-chickpea-curry and as I now have “the wine skills” (her words not mine) I’m to supply the wine. It doesn’t look too spicy a curry but pretty tomato heavy so a bit acidic even though it has the coconut milk. I wanted to go for something a bit different and also because of the nice weather was thinking about going for a good, full flavoured rosé that’ll go just as well with the food as it will to drink alone. I basically would like some validation that that is a good idea but am also open to suggestions! Budget up to about £12. Any ideas/comments appreciated! :blush::tomato::clinking_glasses:


My god. That isn’t the wine friendliest of dishes.
Your idea of a full flavoured rosé is probably a good one, a Travel or maybe something off dry like Anjou.
Your other avenue is Riesling, you’ll struggle to go wrong with a dry one from Alsace.


I’d rather have beer tbh, but I think rose is a good shout. Or perhaps an off-dry white?


This is quite a full flavoured Rosé, thinknit would work well … or beer ?


@danchaq mm I was thinking Riesling as my safe bet but I know she likes that and I also wanted take the opportunity to broaden her wine palate! I agree @tom and @Leah, beer would probs be the best thing but no one else likes it!


Then bring her a Reisling and beer for yourself , then you can have both :wink:! Win win :+1:


Do it


Hard to ignore all the calls for beer (craft IPA) and Reisling. Depending on how much you want to spoil them, you should be able to get a Demi-Sec Vouray for £20 or so, which will go well assuming that the spice level isn’t too high.

But the right thing to drink is indeed beer…


I would go for a Tavel (robust enough to match the earthy chickpeas)

But I also think a Pinot Blanc could work nicely:


Wild thought… How about a juicy Beaujolais, served slightly chilled? There’s no chilli in your curry recipe and it does have tomatoes, onion and garlic in abundance. Coriander always a bit of a problem though… I have to be honest, I’ve not tried this combo myself, just think it might be an option.


I believe it was the wonderful Joe Wadsack ('im off the telly) that educated me to the fact that the ideal match for tomato in a dish is …


How about it?


Or perhaps a compromise solution with something like Lindauer Sparkling Rosé?


Slightly over budget but for me one of the best partners to tomato is gewurzt, especially if it’s an aromatic dish with a hint of spice! it’s also a bloomin’ nice wine.


Italian reds (nero d’Avola or Barbera) will work with the tomato and I’m sure will cope with a little spice. The following two are certainly delicious (and when in doubt that’s a good rule: drink something you like!)

Best of luck and please let us know what you chose and how it went.


Thanks all, this has been great :slight_smile: I’ve actually gone for this

as one of the recommended food matches is tomatoes and it’s also recommended “to tame tomatoes” in this Food and Rosé bit on the website

I’ll let you know how it goes!


This is such a fabulous Gewürz!! Who needs food? - it just takes centre stage! :grin:


I think that’s a good choice Catherine. It will certainly stand up to it. Don’t be put off by the somewhat singular bouquet…the wine is very nice.


Well the wine went very well :slight_smile: It had a lot of fruit but was very dry and fresh so was perfect foodwise but also really nice on it’s own and drinking it on a hot sunny evening in the garden I could almost convince myself I was on holiday rather than Walthamstow!


Aaaw I used to live in Walthamstow , a long time ago :grinning: