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Wine Discriminatory?

I’m aware of a few wine drinkers who only drink red wine, and a few who only drink white. I think the red only drinkers are men, and the white only are women. I’m racking my brains but can’t recall any instances of the other way round. Does anybody know why this is, or have any good theories about why it might be?

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My theory - exposure!! :dragon:

I’m steering clear of any attempt at opinionating on this one, either whether it is true or not and/or why either might / not be the case; I will say though that I’m a chap, and one who drinks a lot more white & rose than I do red.

And when I do drink reds, I tend to go for the lighter perfumed ethereal savoury ones [dare I say “feminine ones”? No!] rather than the chunky blockbusters [dare I say “masculine ones”? No x 2!] (Though I do love a raucous Taurasi, I must confess)

My good Mrs on the other hand will not touch white or rose except out of curiosity sometimes to know what I’m drinking, but will certainly enjoy a good solid blockbuster red with a hunk of dripping red meat; preferably bone-in. One of the various by-traditional-stereotype role reversals in our household :~}


I have a good friend (female) who drinks only two alcohol drinks: gin and tonic and red wine. White wine will not be tolerated. She just prefers red wine, end of.

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I know a guy who works in the wine industry who at home mainly drinks white.

My mum was far more into red than white. She would never buy white and would only drink it if it was something I opened or chose.

Neighbour hates white and mainly drinks red, but has recently got into rose. She wont even have a glass of really good whites that I choose.

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I buy more red and drink more white… at least it feels that way.


My father always used to assume that ‘the girls’ would want white, generally of the sweeter, cheaper, German variety.

Not an assumption I would make, even if I was feeling brave.


The comment I have heard from someone (male) is that white just “tastes of grapes” and he will therefore only drink red. Personally, I will drink either white, red or rose, led somewhat by weather and food choice.

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I do this too. I’m trying to counteract that recently. I’m ok with it really though as I prefer my red wine more mature, doesn’t matter as much to me for white, so easier to pick up white as and when.

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Well, it’s beginning to appear that my sample group was just not big enough! Nevertheless it does seem to me that there is a fair number of people who only drink red, or only drink white and I find this a bit strange. Preferring one or the other generally seems reasonable, but liking one while completely refusing to drink the other seems odd to me.

(Of course I have completely dismissed the theory that some of my friends and acquaintances could be a bit odd!)


It’s true my MrsB prefers white and would drink it over red in all occasions, unless there’s no other option. She is not a fan of tannin so she might have a glass of light Pinot or something else fruity.

I’ll drink anything - it’s more about how I feel, what I’m eating or what the weather is doing. I’m just fortunate that I have a reasonably well-stocked wine fridge and most things are to hand if I have the hankering.

Drink more white and buy more red sounds about right @szaki1974. I think it’s because the red is never ready to drink when I buy it and MrsB would always prefer I open a bottle of white.

A good friend of ours only drinks red or rosé wine. She barely drinks white at all, unless her husband has a drink (very, very rare). However, he only drinks white, so she tolerates this and has a glass with him (probably because it is so infrequent).



Just thought I’d throw this into the mix.


My new boss chose to tell me he only drinks white wine just after I’d portioned out most of what remained of that bottle to the guests at the table (his glass was still a bit too full for a refill) :grimacing:

The explanation seemed to the pretty straight forward matter of not getting on with tannins and not wanting to have to work too hard to figure out which wine you would later not regret having drunk.


My brother in law only drinks mediocre Marlborough Sauvignon and his wife mediocre Argentinian Malbec.



My dear ma is a stickler for cat-pee NZ SB and nothing else. I can’t abide the stuff myself so she always has her own bottle going when she’s staying. Given her capacities, works out fine :~}


Mediocre Chablis for special occasions?

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My most memorable wines, have been white - and I have reached a non-scientific theory that sub £45 (my absolute upper limit) the best whites will always beat the best reds.

And yet I buy 4 to 1 in favour of reds - in both value and volume. Typically £10 to £20 ish. Work that out!

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I can help! My dad only drank red; my mum only drinks white.

No idea why though…


It could be that taste changes with age, and differently in men and women…

I’m 68 and I now drink almost completely red, by choice, if you exclude fizz. White wine has become quite bland tasting to me.

My wife is happy with red or white.

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I’m taking my aunt out for her 95th birthday lunch today.

She will definitely ask for a glass of Merlot.

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