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Wine Critics checklist

Seen on Twitter. Credit to @PixWine apparently.


cribbed directly from TWS Wine Chat threads, it seems !

oh…the eternal “revival of sherry”

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Was credit given to the XKCD original?


My immediate thought for this was “Victoria Moore”, which is a shame as I actually enjoy her writing style.

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Omg, I swear I’ve seen a lot of top wines for bbq recently!

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And the perennial… because they come around EVERY year, the wine critic’s regular pay cheque:

Wines to drink with Turkey

Wines to drink with Chocolate

Wines for SPRINGTIME !!! (that really gets my goat…its Sauv Blanc… always)

Wines with BBQ - always OTT new world reds which you would not normally touch and will regret tomorrow.

Whisky with food ! YAY… I always have a glass of Talisker with a kipper. Or as TWS suggest… Haggis… I wonder if one day somebody in Stevenage will realise that there are OTHER foods in Scotland?


The “Is low/no alcohol wine any good?” article in January


You mean like battered Mars bar?? :rofl:
On a serious note, when I lived in Leith, my local chippy used to deep fry a haggis pizza… never felt the urge funnily enough :smile:.


“Why we should all be drinking x”

What is x?

I’d say non-champagne/cava/prosecco fizz, wine from non-west coast US states and Godello (which I actually agree with).

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A battered Mars Bar is one the the finest delicacies you could ever eat.

I’ve only had one in my life, when I was 13-14 and can still taste it 25 years on.

Since I moved to Leeds I haven’t seen anywhere that does it though! I kind of think it will ruin my memory of it having it now, so may leave the impossible dream of replicating such a morsel in my happy place.


Yes, must admit that the one battered Mars Bar I’ve eaten was quite tasty and an enormous improvement on a non-battered one.


But haggis and kippers are both amazing…

Perchance, an Arbroath Smokie??
Or even a Rowie? :wink: :dragon:

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Yup, Guilty-as-charged re the 5,000 words on minerality. And a few articles with opinions on natural wines - but called-for IMO :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouldn’t be seen dead being associated with the other topics.


Yeap, the revival of sherry is like the second coming off Eastern European wine (well that is if you call 1980’s Bulls Blood as the first). However, being a huge Sherry fan, this makes me happy as it keeps good sherry in the affordable zone for ordinary folk.


As a paid up member of the Brighton & Hove Haggis Appreciation Society &c. I have to report that a Haggis pizza is actually a fine dining option… and goes well with both Scotch on the rock and Chianti.
Never tried it fried though. Maybe for next Burns night. But our friend with the Pizza Oven might object.


I made a haggis lasagna once and it was excellent. The pepperiness offset the richness of all that cheese and bechamel. Can’t remember what we drank with it but good Chianti sounds a great idea.



Haggis Scotch eggs are the last word in high-end luxury. Well they’re quite nice any road.


There was a lovely blog a while ago about ‘tonic’ and other fortified wines, with tasting notes (‘most cough-syrupy’)and a description of the effects and possible hallucinations on enthusiastic consumption. All the greats were there, Eldorado, Buckfast, MD 2020, etc.

I’ve yet to see that sort of thing in the FT ‘How to spend it’ section…

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