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Wine Champions 2019

The results are in… well, some of them!!

Back in Feb/March myself and the Buyers tasted an astonishing 893 wines blind (in three weeks) from across our range to select the best of the best for drinking now.

Sadly we only had a finite amount of space in the physical offer (going live on 5th August) so rather than some wines missing out (either due to stock issues or stylistic clashes) we have decided to do a pre-release which can be found here:


Some of you may have already got the e-mail but thought I’d share the love as this is one of our most popular offerings of the year.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these wines before and if you think they deserve to be called a ‘Champion’.



Worth noting (if you hadn’t already seen) this year’s winners are now LIVE!

Any surprises for you guys? Anything you think is missing?!