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Wine Champions 2017 announced - how many have you tried?


So, the 2017 list of ‘Wine Champions’ has been released and there are 54 wines that represent the best of what The Wine Society has to offer members.

I am curious. How many of these wines have you bought yourself, and which was your own favourite?

Do you happen to disagree with any of the choices, or is there something you think they’ve missed? These lists can be very subjective, of course, but they are a fantastic way to explore great value, and value for money wines, particularly for new members or those of us who like to experiment.


I have had the Spanish albarino and loved it but have yet to try the others…


Both of the 3Cs
Society Beaujolais
Chateau Lary
Society Corbieres
Valminor Albariño
Society Sicilian reserve
Warner’s Corner Cabernet
Finch Antigua Unico Crianza
Urbina Crianza
Chateau de Musset
Olivier Leflaive ‘Les Setilles’

I enjoyed all of them and several are regulars in the rack. Although I enjoyed them I would say the bottom two were slight disappointments in that I was hoping for more. I had an earlier vintage of Les Setilles (2011, I think) that I preferred, and there were other 2010 Bordeaux reds I’ve had from TWS, that were similarly priced and I thought were better. But those are minor quibbles. It’s another great list this year!


As for a favourite, probably Society Beaujolais. Refreshing and easy drinking but with plenty going on. I’ve got Domaine du Carjot Les Capitans in the rack at the moment and I’ll be very surprised if it’s better.


I’ve clearly worked for The Society for too long because I’ve tried nearly all of these! They really are good wines, but here’s a few of the standouts from the list for me:

Moscato d’Asti Elio Perrone: this is so light and has just the right sweetness to make it stunning with a fruit salad. It’s the wine that got my wine-hating friend to join The Society just so she could buy it by the case… (and still does!)

Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Cabernet Sauvignon: just stunning for the price. My go-to cab sauv and one of the few wines I buy by the case.

Saleta Moscatel-Sauvignon Blanc: I remember when some colleagues and I first tried this, it was the star of the tasting we were at. So juicy and fresh, and really quite unlike any other white wine I know. Very light and summery.

The Society’s Exhibition Rioja Reserva: Every time someone brings a bottle of this to a gathering I know it’s going to be a good night. I just love it - it really is a benchmark Rioja year on year and is one of my favourite Exhibition wines.

Glad to see some of you recommending the Albarino - I haven’t tried that yet but I’ll give it a go! :heart_eyes:


It was so refreshing that I brought a bottle all the way from Oxford to Hong Kong to lure a friend into wine :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! I’ve not tried too many of them but I love the Alovini Aglianico (best left to mature for a few years) and I’m loving the German riesling case. That sold out so quickly, lucky to have snagged some. My friend (who I got to join the Society) raved about the Moscato d’Asti too.


I got one of the mixed cases that we’re working our way through. I’d tried a few before. The Gruner Veltliner had been recommended in the newsletter for spicy food so I’d tried a couple of bottles of that and it was delicious.I enjoyed the English sparkling wine. The trouble is that I find how I taste a wine varies hugely with how I’m feeling and what I’m eating. Too often I’m busy chatting and eating and don’t really “taste” the wine, just think “that was very nice what was it again?” afterwards. I don’t drink more than 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle at a time so it’s not that I’m knocking back huge quantities, I just find most Society wines nice. £60 bottles would be wasted on me.


Sorry, I’ve just seen this Clint! :slight_smile: Yes, it does seem to be one of those wines that has a magical effect on even the most unenthusiastic of wine drinkers…


I think you’ll find the £2 price difference worth paying. This Juliénas is probably my favourite wine for under a tenner in The Society’s whole range at the moment.