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Wine Century anyone?

Anyone a member of The Wine Century Club? How many different grape varieties have you sniffed, slurped and downed? I recently crossed the 100 mark and would be interested in knowing if other Society members “qualified”.
Wine Century Club


Possibly, no idea, but it would make it easier to find out if their application was available as a webpage with checkboxes rather than downloading an xls, too much faff!


I did look at this a while back, tempted to print it off as a tick list - I remember a few years back I was given a book of 1001 wines to try with tick boxes etc, quite a few of the wines in the book were vastly out my price range lol.

Edit - quick note down on the initial list on there, I have tried 101 on the list so far.

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I can tick 101 of the wines listed definitely and tried quite a few others mainly Hungarian and Greek varieties.


But then I’ve been into wine a long time and for years have sought out odd and rare varieties.

Also spent time in USA and have drunk a lot of hybrids unknown over here. All bump up count.


Snap lol 101 here as well - there are a fair few I have had but that aren’t on that list though.

I’ve just tried this and initially can do 103, but there’s quite a few there where I’m fairly sure I’ve had them but would need to go through some old tasting notes/purchases! This is a very addictive game, I love it!


Yes, I know what you mean. It took me a good 10 mins to download it, convert it to a pdf, then tick off the boxes.

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I found it addictive too, I downloaded it just before a Med cruise then Christmas in Hungary so sailed through the 100+ :+1::wine_glass:


I think basically if you drink wines from Hungary, Greece, Italy and Portugal you can tick off a large number!

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It certainly made me ask more questions about what was in many of the wines we tasted in Malta, Sardinia, Naples, Malaga and Budapest!

166 just from those provided… Please don’t make me go through the book Wine Grapes and it’s 1,368 varieties or however many there are there!

Think there are about 130 known varieties in Portugal alone!

Good grief that puts my 124 in the shade​:joy::+1:

Whizzing through the list and off the top of my head, not sure. Think I’m short but I was erring on the side of caution. Thing is, if you’ve had a Douro field blend, you’re probably already halfway there, but there’s no way of knowing!

Anyone had anything that’s not on the list? If so, what?

The only one I could think of was caladoc (grenache x malbec I think), which I had in a Chateau Khoury (Lebanon).

I added Fernentino, Treixadura, but they may have been included under different names

Boy oh boy! This is addictive. Almost as much as thinking about all this lovely wine!
I hit 113, but as @Herbster and @M1tch point out, there may well be varieties in Portuguese wines I drank over the years which I don’t even know I had. Not sure a life time is long enough to try the rest of the existing varieties… but it’s worth a shot! :wink:

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On a quick count, I think I’m on 122 plus off the top of my head: Viosinho, Rabigato, Antao Vaz, Carignan Gris, Encruzado, Tibouren, Girgentina, Pais, Treixadura, Barbarossa… So many of them in blends though, that I’m not sure I could give a very good account of what they taste like individually!
A new counting obsession to add to my existing travel-based one…

I guess that’s quite a good point! Tasting a grape as part of a blend is not the same as tasting it on its own as a varietal wine. I find it difficult to pick up individual grape characteristic sometimes, when drinking a blend… so maybe the question is a little inaccurate…:thinking:

I apologise for my innacuracy of questioning, I should know better. But you raise a good point, many grapes I ticked were in blends, but I defy you to find me 100 single grape wines. It’s a bit of fun and provokes discussion which you have helped enormously. :+1: