Wine cellar storage apps

Can any one recommend a low tech wine cellar storage app that is easy to use ? I would appreciate that it can give drinking dates and values. Thanks. Bob the Bibber

Lots of people use CellarTracker (including me, I like it).

Some TWS members’ usernames here:


I’ve started using Cellar Tracker. This post cross references nicely with another topic:

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I should probably get in on the Cellar Tracker thing, however I currently just have my own spreadsheet that I use to track everything. Does mean a guessing game on some of the drinking windows, but everything else is easily covered.

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Another thread discussing the benefits etc… of Cellar tracker and varying usages of the app.

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Most Cellartracker drink dates are a guessing-game too!

When it first started appearing on my google searches (2007ish?) I took the drink dates as gospel and consequently drank plenty of my wines way too early - its a predominantly US-based user group, and their proclivities and experiences tend to slant in that direction.

When I finally signed up for it in 2010(?) I quickly realised that the drink-dates were simple averages of user-entered data, not some complex or well researched number.

Conseuqently, I just fill all my own drink dates now. Sometimes that means I’m wrong, but it averages out a bit better. Besides, most fine wine (certainly from the regions I buy heavily in) is practically bomb-proof. 5 or 10 years here and there doesn’t make much of a difference. :grinning:

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I have a few ultra small Burgundy producers that go against this unfortunately. The flip side to this is you can just email them and ask (in one case they even email and tell you what’s drinking well at the moment).

I am a nerd and enjoy tinkering with my spreadsheet.


I think CellarTracker (CT) gives all that.

In the last I used paper, a database I designed, and a spreadsheet.

Problem with all these methods is the amount of data you have to enter, such as wines’ full name and appellation. This information is already in CT. It takes less than a minute to find a entry for your wine and add it to ‘your cellar’.

I added 350 bottles when I started and I collect wine from obscure places, yet only about 6 weren’t already in the database. If a wine is not there then find a similar one, e.g. the same appellation and copy and modify that to make it your own.

I take no notice of CT’s drinking dates, which is the ‘wisdom of crowds’ but you can over rule that with your own drinking window if you prefer, from the merchants’ info or where-ever. And it has the supposed value of the wine, though that depends on what people enter as the cost they paid, and American’s enter the wine price ex-tax which Is easy for them but UK sale prices incorporate wine-tax, duty when payable and VAT on top so value of a wine may show as less than we pay in UK as a result of American entries.

Best of all is to try it for yourself, no cost, no commitment. T


I withdrew some 2015 whites based on that mailing and was very happy with joe they showed.

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For several years I have used a piece of software called Cadent Wine Cellar - it is easy to use and the main display window is very clear, and easy to search for and organise my wine collection. Unfortunately it seems no longer available and there is no support from the makers any more. Consequently I was concerned if the program should one day break down. I have therefore used the opportunity of lockdown to transfer/copy all the information onto the free version of CellarTracker. Here the display isn’t as good but it does have two massive advantages - my wines can be viewed on different devices (phone, tablet and desktop) and the process of entering additions to the database is abbreviated because CT recognises the vast majority of wines. At present I am running both systems side by side until I get more used to the nuances of CT.

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As others have said, Cellar Tracker is a good tool. It would be even better if TWS provided the ability to download your wine order in a format we could just upload. Although it’s sometimes quite interesting to search through other wines from the same producer/vineyard!


Being a techno-geek at heart, I still use Excel to keep stock of my wine collection. I do not own a cellar but have a large Transtherm which is easy to lose track of.

My reason for Excel, is more because I can personally tailor what fields I want to populate when cataloguing wine. It started off very much as a standard wine list of standard fields but then I realised what I wanted was the ability to provide a list of wines not by country or price, but by a meal, and occasion, an event, or a night on the sofa binge watching something from Netflix.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has seen an app that favours wine drinking with your collection, rather than just wine storage. Personally I like the idea of an app that alerts me when perhaps my drinking window is approaching on a few bottles, or that I get a notification that someone has tried this wine with a specific recipe and it works really well - and so on…

I am happy to put my hand up here, but when I am generally choosing a bottle I find myself looking at a number of other resources to help in the selection process. I just wish this was all in one place.

Anyone fancy being joint founder of a start-up with me?? :slight_smile:



Perfect business partner :fist_right::fist_left:

Lee & Leah Wine app?
Leah & Lee wine app?
Lee-ah wine app?

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Have also been playing around with Cellartracker and although not perfect, its pretty good. The option to print a restaurant-style winelist is good fun!

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I cellar in several places.
TWS could make the reserves listing far more Member friendly.
For example when looking for a list of wines, then Ermitage is not classed as a Hermitage, (tell that to the Perrins!!), all half bottles get clumped together, they have no coherent nomenclature and one time I really lost it when they did not spell “Sarrasine” as is correct. I got it changed from the 2016 vintage onwards. Prior to that, some linguistically challenged WS person called it “Sarazzine” and from the 2015 and before, you will see the wine spelled as such.
So if you have a case of the 2015 Sarrasine, in “My Wines” you have to spell it Sarazzine! DOH otherwise, you think that you do not have the wine.
I inquired if they could make a correction, the response - NO, the system did not allow it.
It beggars belief!! :cry: :cry:

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