Wine cellar air conditioner repair

I have, for the last five years, been the happy beneficiary of a house with a wine cellar and built in air conditioning unit that somebody else installed. This has worked flawlessly with, I’m afraid, zero maintenance on my part this whole time. Sadly the refrigeration unit appears to have stopped working. Does anybody have experience of such things? Can I just call out a normal air conditioning engineer, or do I need a special wine cooler company? The unit is a Fondis Wine Master.

Have you checked any filters and fans? They get clogged up over time and can then affect thermostats etc which could cause a shutdown.

You could contact the manufacturer for their advice. They may have their own service agents.

It could be the compressor needs replacing if it has stopped entirely.

I say that with authority not because I have any idea about the technical aspects of these things but because that is what happened with mine recently.

Had to get the unit replaced, a normal air con engineer did that for me.

I would google the name and then contact the companies selling for advice and service costs

Wouldn’t worry that much. I’ve successfully stored loads of good wine at coolish room temperature in S England for 15-20 years. Never had a single bottle that seemed even prematurely aged.


Thanks very much all for your comments.

I’ve decided to get a non-specialist engineer round to see if he’s able to fix it.

FWIW I am not in any way concerned about the wine (temp is hovering around 14-15°C), however, I also have my exercise bike down in the cellar and the air con helps make that more pleasant :laughing: