Wine cabinets

That photo makes my teeth itch!

The problem solving part of my brain says you need to take the highest shelf up a couple of places and put some of the Burgundy bottles down with the others (and solve that rogue one on the bottom left that has my love-of-order OCD alarm bells screaming).


You’re almost certainly correct. As precarious as it looks it’s remarkably stable, the problem was I needed to load the last few bottles (it’s clear which ones they are) very quickly, as they arrived just as I was going away for a week.

I have this weekend free and may aim for a better minimum energy level, rather than this local minimum.


I bought one last year. I am generally happy with it. I would have to add that
1 as others have said the shelves do reduce the storage capacity .
2 one of the shelves has cracked. It hasn’t broken all the way through, but it is enough for me to have reduced the load on it and be considering the purchase of replacements

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