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Hello all - I’ve just read though the previous threads on wine cabinets, which are quite old now but seem still valid and really helpful! I’m considering a Climadiff Reserve 300XL or a Avintage AV 306 to go in our garage. The main difference for me is the shelving 4 fixed for the Climadiff v 5 with the Avintage., I’m tempted by the 5 shelf option for easier organisation - but not sure if that’s actually realistic or desirable. Any thoughts?

I have a jam packed full Climadiff with a capacity of approx 300 and has 5 shelves (plus the base of the cabinet). Some are set up to hold more than others and the ones with the largest numbers of bottles are definitely sagging a little. So I would say an extra shelf means less weight on each individual shelf which in my case would make me a little more confident! On the other hand you are never going to get the shelves spaced apart perfectly so the bottles totally fill the space up to the next shelf, so an extra shelf inevitably means reducing your total capacity a little.

As for shelves that slide out. A couple of mine do but I’d never dare pull them out if they have more than one layer of bottles on them. So essentially I have locked all mine in!


Thanks Mike

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Shelf number and configuration are important considerations, as is the maximum weight each shelf can carry. Marketing literature I find with wine cabinets often defies if not the laws of physics, sensible shelf weight limitations. Try and find out how many (circa 1.2kg) bottles each shelf can safely hold. Sometimes this is not at all apparent from the manufacturer’s website but a sticky label inside the wine cabinet (not much use when desktop researching…)… Ask folks here therefore for further and betters if you continue to investigate different models.

I bought a Climadiff that came with 4 shelves but ended up buying another two (from a different, cheaper, supplier. If I had stocked the fridge as per the glossy images I would have comfortably exceeded the weight capacity of the 4 shelves. Eeking it over 6 shelves plus the bottom did the trick. No more than 3 rows to for each shelf worked well. Okay I have not attained the theoretical maximum wine bottle storage capacity but that was always a fiction!

I have an older Wincave wine fridge with “rock solid” mahogany sliding shelves but that does eat into total bottle storage capacity, but easier to access bottles, particularly ones at the back. I prefer the Climadiff and the fixed shelves. Just make sure you stick the bottles that need to slumber for a few years at the back and the more approachable wines at the front.

Here is the Climadiff. Am pleased with it:


Yeah, yours looks similar to mind but I would have been much happier with an extra shelf to spread the load! I should have done the same as you!


I’ve got a Climadiff too, had it for 6 years and served me well. It’s in the garage so I need one that has the ability to go down to low ambient temperatures in winter (though maybe not as low as @MikeFranklin ).

Mine is notionally almost 300 bottle capacity too, but in reality if you get 230-240 you are doing well.

Mine has 4 fixed shelves and one sliding shelf. I do use the latter - a mix of bottles that have been Coravined and some that are there for short term drinking.

I’ve been worried at times about the weight of bottles…touch wood ok so far but that’s maybe because the second top area is so rammed full there is no scope for the shelf above to give way! Second top area is Rhone mainly which is always full and usually with a queue waiting to go in. Top area is claret/Musar/other claret type bottles so stacks pretty efficiently and is probably too heavy…

Further down, there is a bit of weight on the Burgundy shelf but the bottle shapes mean it’s quite inefficient so a bit lighter. The whites shelf below that is only two or three deep so not a huge problem. The shelves seem quite well made, but may weaken over time so I am not complacent…


Wow, I’m impressed at how tidy that looks. My cabinet is a real dog’s dinner by comparison!!


I’m pretty sure mine defies laws of physic, and I am not sure I am brave enough to open it any more


An ingenious way to control wine consumption and spend - nothing in, nothing out!

Edit: I know I shouldn’t, but love the gold wax caps, what are they?


Climadiff here as well - bought after reading the previous threads and (same as @MarkC ) the garage location.

Intrigued by your additional shelves and wondered if you remembered who your supplier was?

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Been playing Wine Jenga again :wink:


In addition to what others have said, bear in mind that shelves take up space in the fridge, so the more shelves you have, the less space there is for wine.

But I wouldn’t like to say what the optimum number is. It will aways be some sort of compromise that depends on your personal preference. It might help if you could see the fridges you’re considering in real life. My shelves are so strong I can’t imagine any number of bottles (that could fit in the fridge) would break them

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Some fridge manufacturers supply additional shelves, and would sell directly or through one of their retail agents

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The wine cabinet I imported from France just before Brexit. The extra shelves I sourced in the UK from I can’t seem to find the product on their website but they should be able to source more. Here’s a screenshot of the order details

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The gold wax caps are the Jane Eyre magnums.

Edit: which illustrates an issue with wine fridges in general. They are not good at 1) Burgundy bottles 2) Magnums (so burgundy magnums is what creates my nightmare can’t get at the wine scenario).


What a beast!

The wine fridge - to provide steady & constant temperature (+ humidity?) is right next to what looks like a central heating boiler, dishing out constant vibration and temperature changes. OK… is that one appliance fighting against another?

It’s a Solar PV inverter and the photo is misleading. They do not bother one another.

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I got a Climadiff CS63B1 last year, it’s a bit less that the 63 bottles it claims. A couple of issues- I measured the internal temperature and it’s usually about 3 deg higher than what the display shows. Also the circulation fan needed replacing after a year because it started getting noisy; not difficult to replace as it’s the same as a PC fan. Otherwise it works very smoothly and no noisier than a regular fridge.