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Wine cabinet for garage?



Hi everyone , not long joined the community and first post for me. I’m looking at buying a wine cabinet but it would have to be placed in the garage ( not insulated but connected to the house ) as there isn’t adequate space elsewhere. I’d be very grateful for any recommendations for cabinets that would be suitable for garage storage given the temperature fluctuations


There was a long post on this subject not that long ago, worth scrolling back awhile to find it.


Hi Danny - welcome to the Community :slight_smile: It’s a fun and informative place to be, and we hope you’ll enjoy taking part.

There are a few similar threads, but this one may give something the closest to the info you’re looking for …


I think he means this thread:

I’ve also tagged a couple of threads with ‘storage’ as it’s a popular topic!


@DannyMc these threads may help…

Home wine storage dilemma

I have a couple of storage units that would do what you’re requiring. That second thread has all the details :+1:


Welcome to the community :smiley:

Hopefully my initial threads linked above are useful, plan for me next year is probably to get a larger used wine fridge for the garage - main thing to check is the operating temperatures with some stating that garages are fine.

Also be on the look out between some of the single temperature units vs dual temperature units, the single temp units are usually for longer term aging (set at around 12c) whereas the dual units are usually for serving temperatures where you can set the whites at a lower temp than the reds.

There is also the question around if you are planning to store all of the wine you are planning to age/store at home or if there is a split between reserves held here (or elsewhere) vs accessible at home.


I think most wine cabinets would be fine. If you have doubts about colder temperatures, ask before you buy.

My Liebherrs are rated to keep a constant temp down to external temp of 5C, but they told me that providing if was above 0C the worst that would happen is that the internal temp would be a bit low. But if it dropped below 0C, water taken out of the cabinet would freeze in the outlet, causing problems. Mine was in a brick shed in the garden, so to be sure I got a space-heater designed to stop pipes freezing.


Also make sure you can read the ‘small print’ before purchase. We bought a good quality freezer to go in the garage. Stickers on the appliance and in the shop blurb stated that it would be OK for temps down to 5.
However the small print in the handbook said that 9-13 is the lowest, and room temp is recommended.
Certainly Beko guarantee temps down to minus 10. (Or they did). Our Beko worked perfectly, and we passed the other one on in the family.


I have a Climadiff which was bought because it can cope with 0c as mine is in garage too. Had it for four years now with no problems. My garage is not connected to house and occasionally dips below zero briefly. If forecast suggested a repeat of 2010 I would just stick a storage heater in for a few days.


I think it’s a relatively simple one but a couple of key features to look for or ask yourself.
Is it just a simple wine fridge that may hold bottles for a few months or a year.

Do you want a proper ageing cabinet so you can store and age wine for periods of time even years

Second thing to look for is a heating element. A unit that can keep itself warm and deal with slightly lower temperatures.

I bought a climadiff also as was the perfect fit for me and well priced.
Holds 250 bottles (couple of sliding shelves in it)
Solid front door to allow no light
Low vibration
Humidity controlled (so condensation forms at back to give good humidity)
Winter mode to help deal with lower temps than a standard fridge
Place I got from was couple of hundred below others and good service and delivery
PM can let you know


Going off on a slight tangent, it might be worth checking your house contents insurance policy in the event of something going wrong. Some policies might treat garages/out-buildings different from the main building, depending on exit/entry points etc. However I am no expert on this.


Last year one of my units in the garage stopped working. The climadiff was okay but the older Vinosafe stopped. it was in that very cold snap. I got a small desk fan heater and put it inside the unit, it kept things okay.

The unit is working okay now. Not sure what will happen, waiting to see.


@DannyMc Can’t really comment on storing in the garage as my Liebherr cabinets are in the house. The only advice I will give is buy bigger than you think you will need, you will soon find you will fill it! :grinning:


OK - perhaps i’m the only cheapskate Luddite here. Wine is stored in garage which is ‘non car’ so no nasty fumes, and temperature even mid winter doesn’t drop below freezing (much), ditto summer is coolish. So perfect for wine?

I have an open wine rack - and some shelves. Maybe 100+ bottles languishing in the dark, nothing that exotic. Maybe a few cases standing on the concrete floor. Concrete is an excellent heat sink, and little U.V. light or vibration.

And that is the setup I would recommend. Spend your money on quality wine instead of silly fridges. If you REALLY want a wine cabinet - use the biggest one available which is TWS storage.


This is very reassuring - it’s pretty much exactly my setup! We’ve had some extremes this year, mind: the March/April deep freeze took the garage down to about 3°C on one occasion; the crazy heatwave on the other hand had it touching 25°C, although that was still the coolest place in the house. But most of the time, and during ‘normal’ seasons, it’s okay, and at the moment is a rather lovely 10-12°C.

The changes in temperature are always quite gradual no matter what the elements throw at it - it’s almost like it takes an average of the preceding seven days.

I’m still not confident when it comes to proper long-term storage, but so far things still seem pretty tasty after a few years in the garage racks.


Thanks everyone , lots of very helpful advice there. I’ll have a look at the various cabinets that have a winter mode but it sounds like the Climadiff / Leibherrs are good options.


I’ve got a 30 year old Eurocave (about 6 feet tall) with space for 150+ bottles and capable of reproducing ‘cave’ conditions unfalteringly. Obviously it’s not just a cooler (although it could be switched to fridge mode if required for any reason - I maintain the wine at 50 -55f. It’s tucked away inside the house, so overheating is what I’m trying to avoid. I’d be happy with it in the garage also, though, as it certainly works in a cold environment too. It’s probably at least 3 grand’s worth in today’s money, but it lets me sleep easy knowing that I can lay down bottles with confidence. I figure that if you’re buying good wine for keeping - the outlay is essential, but not if you don’t intend to keep things for several years to enjoy their development. It certainly increases your involvement in your wine, but it has always encouraged more rather than less expenditure … which is a good thing - I think!


The Climadiff is a wine ageing cabinet, not a fridge. I looked at the Liebherr ones, but they had a slightly higher minimum operating temperature, either 3 or 5 c I think and Climadiff was 0c so went for it. The Climadiff I have is ‘no frills’ in the sense that it doesn’t have glass doors or anything, and holds just under 300 bottles theoretically, but in practice 240 max unless all your bottles are identical shape!

Definitely buy one bigger than you think you need!


Mark I probably have the same unit as you. Very pleased with it.


Me too. The only very minor issue I’ve had, which has been recent, is that the LED display for temperature isn’t visible though the temperature itself is fine and motor working ok.