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Wine boxes and London options for storing your own wine


After my recent Croatia retreat I did buy quite a bit of wine (full update happy to share on the Croatia threqd if anyone is interested) to which I am sure my wife will think about divorcing me unless I find another place to store outside our hot 2 bed flat.

  1. Where can I get flat slim 6 bottle wine boxes in the UK like these ones? This is to store wine under bed as all racks and coolers are full.

  1. The only offsite newr storage that allows to store my own wine is Big Yellow Storage in Fulham at 4 quid per week for 15 cases then doubling after 3 months (which is expensive). Other places allow wine in bond but not sure what that means but I need someplace to store my own wine not one bought at the retailer.


In terms of getting hold of wine boxes, majestic is a good shout…last time I moved, I went along to the local majestic and they pretty much let me pick and take as many empty boxes as I wanted.

As far as storage goes, Lay and Wheeler will allow you to store Duty Paid wines, and it will be much cheaper than Big Yellow. I think there may be charges for mixed cases, although I have only sent full cases of a single wine. I know there are others on here that use them to store mixed cases and can probably give you more detail.

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For flat boxes, same as Alex88: I often spot an all bunch that are discarded outside the small wine shops ahead of the recycling day. Bottle Apostle in Crouch End where I live comes to mind.

I didn’t find better solutions than you unfortunately, and knowing that my wine is gonna bake under 35 degrees today makes me feel anxious!

The dreamer in me was triggered by an underground farm I’ve visited a few months back under Clapham Common. They are using old tunnels dug around WW2 just under the northern line. They are growing a number of different greens (pea shoots… etc) out of carpets. The initial plan for these tunnels was to act as a bunker and after the war build a fast version of thenorthern line, just under the existing one.
The company (Growing Underground) plans on using over 200 meters these useless tunnels, courtesy of TFL in a totally controlled environment. But all I wanted to do during the visit was to create a massive wine cellar in the rest of the tunnel.


When I worked in a small indie we’d happily give those boxes away if you asked nicely. We kept some of the normal 6 ones for customers buying mixed 6’s. Try the supermarkets as well, find their wine people or the people stacking the shelves in wine.


Also yes please, I foresee myself spending time in Croatia in the coming years given the Adriatic is only a 3 hour drive from my in-laws place where we will be spending the summer school holidays.

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I joined L&W Cellar Circle and sent about 250 bottles, including many mixed cases, that I had been storing at home in imperfect conditions (and were getting in our way, too). For the ones that weren’t still in the boxes they’d been delivered in I just saved up boxes from drinking wines that had been delivered.

It was a bit of a faff organising it all as you have to send them a spreadsheet of what’s coming and in which box, and there were quite a few boxes (some sixes, some twelves). I did that purely as a desktop exercise using Cellartracker and then had to redo everything as some of the boxes didn’t fit all the bottles properly (Alsace and Mosel, I’m looking at you in particular), so don’t make that mistake. Communication with their team was good though.

As for the charges, you can send a mixed case and have them log it for free just as a box, but if you want them to load every wine individually into the reserves system then it’s £20 per 12 wines - I bit the bullet and did this so I’m not sure what info you have if you don’t pay and if you can still draw the wines one by one (key advantage of L&W storage) or not.


Thanks. I found boxes online however the boxes I located are unfortunately for shipping and upright. Where can I find a case of 12 that is layed on the side for storing wine?

The wooden boxes are like £15-£20 per box it somehow doesn’t feel like a worthwhile investment.

Anywhere I can find vertical 12 bottle storage boxes to send the wine in?