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Wine basics videos are here!


Hi all,

I know it was mentioned a week or so back but Anna from tastings as well as our fantastic copy team have created some really rather handy grape guides, all 5 videos (as a playlist) can be seen below and they cover off Chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc and Syrah/Shiraz. We will be looking to do many more handy videos in the future but have focused on a few wine basics - great for anyone who wants to get some basics:

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas as to what you might want to see next!


Enjoying those. Short, snappy and informative - dovetail nicely with the more expansive grape guides on the website.


Glad you enjoyed them, everyone who has seen them so far has really liked them, we will hopefully have some more created soon, maybe on wine regions or perhaps different styles of wine.


I love that 1970s vibe, with the hanging egg chair and the rotary dial phone artwork.

Also, good and informative!