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Wine and walking holidays in Europe

Hello, I’m trying to find guided walking holidays in wine regions in Europe but not having much luck online. Does anyone in the Community have knowledge or experience of this type of holiday that you can share? Thanks.


I’ll be interested in any answers too - just my sort of a holiday. Think you could do Alsace quite successfully.



Don’t know anything about this company but it looks quite appealing. (If you enjoy drinking wine…!)

Thought it was on the wine walking page but you need to scroll down now


Yes, Alsace would be perfect and is an area I have not been to at all.

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Thank you, I will look into this some more. It sounds very appealing.

Onfootholidays do some v good self-guided walking holidays, some of which are in wine regions. We are spending 3 days in Florence, and then walking from Montalcino to Montepulciano (with an extra day spent wandering around the Brunello region more generally) this autumn using an itinerary similar to this: A self-guided walking holiday in southern Tuscany (4 night) with On Foot Holidays


Hi there. I’ve used ATG before and they were good. Good luck!


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I’d be attracted to Val d’Aosta as my number one. But then I wouldn’t really want a holiday exclusively dedicated to wine :smiley:


I’ve been on a couple of walking holidays with a wine focus, and one of the things about them is that it is impossible to be exclusively focused on wine.

If you are moved around by coach, you can ignore all the bits between the producer visits. But when walking, you inevitably take in the countryside and wildlife, and the villages you pass through. Unless of course you regard that as “understanding the terroir”, which it is in a way.


In 2018 we went to Rioja with friends on a tour organised by Ramon of The Unique Traveller.
He is very flexible with his tours and will organise private tours to one’s own specification within Spain. In the website one of the bullet points is:-
Walking tours from a small tiny picturesque village to the next one crossing vineyards, hills and rivers.

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I’ve seen a few companies offering wine and walking trips. We’ve been with Explore for a Tuscany wine and walking trip, very enjoyable. But last time we self organised visiting Burgundy then Barolo.
I thought that very easy to organise more fun to include just the producers you want.



I stress that I’ve not yet been - but it’s been on my wish list for many years. There are paths which follow the ‘Levadas’ - ingenious irrigation channels tracking the contours all around the hilly coastline of the island.


You can put together your own walk, using a decent map, and it’s a good way to walk, but this won’t take you to tastings.

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I don’t doubt that those walks are enjoyed by many. But I only walked along a short and easy stretch, and found the vertiginous drops and claustrophobic tunnels were too much for me.

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… or vineyards I don’t think

Thank you. They do look good…

I think that would be a wonderful region to explore.

Yes, the walking bit of this holiday is as important to me as the wine bit. Also, I’ve learned so much about a region’s geography, geology, landscape and culture through studying its wine and wine- making.


Thank you for pointing me towards this website. I visited Haro a few years ago and loved it, I’d like return to see more of Rioja.

I’m definitely looking for someone else to take the organisational strain this time ‘round, though Burgundy and Barolo sounds a wonderful trip. Thanks for the recommendation.

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