Wine and music

Listening to Rattle and the LSO etc etc at the Proms tonight and Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony I wondered what you’d accompany it with wine wise? Me, it was a 2017 Gigondas from Meffre. Anybody else on the case?


I was there. I could barely take a breath - couldn’t think about what to drink!!


As a rule, if I’m listening to something spectacular it has to be Barolo. That’s the ‘off to heaven’ wine, for me.


I always draw analogies between wine and music, but I can never associate wine with any particular composer or piece. It just does not work…mind you I get a big musical hangover after listening to The Ring.

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I think, for me, it might be the other way around - with a delicious Rhone villages or a tasty Duoro tinto perhaps, I am often tempted by Sibelius, especially symphonies 2, 3 or 6.

It’s something about the exuberance mixed with slower, more introspective movements that mirrors the wine in its journey…


Beer and live music.


Lucky you! Wish I was too.

Well a day on and another Prom. Listening to RVW’s Lark Ascending , with a rich central coast Pinot Noir but with a transcendent sky all seems well. 2016, with a brown tinge in the glass , rich dark fruits and mellow tannins , an easy evening glass. Not especially about anything in the music but the three together , music wine and sky make a perfect end to the day. Bon weekend!


Fifth tonight!

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