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Wine and music matching



The ‘Choosing wine by mood/setting’ ended up moving in the direction of music and wine, so I thought it probably made sense to set up a separate thread for the subject.

(Perhaps @robert_mcintosh or @laura can do that clever thread-splitting shenanigans to slide the relevant posts in here when they get chance?)

Merlot and Marley/Metallica/Mozart - what does it for you?

Choosing wine by mood/setting?

TWS did a staff tasting on this subject a while ago and I’ve been meaning to try it out myself since. I’d love to see if there’s a difference in perception!


Some musings on the subject can be found here:


This and a bottle of Provençal Rose…


Oooh! I like that Cicada! I can almost smell the heat!..__

Here’s another one I thought of today… a lovely dry Lambrusco (fun on the tongue and even nicer down the gullet!) with Big Star. Especially with the fabulous and trippy ‘Daisy Glaze’… Don’t know why, but it works!
Big Star


Hahaha love this! Genius! :rofl:


… this reminds me, I got a Tavel, just waiting for its moment…!


Best get the music on and the cork out then


Maybe a rosé needs The Hissing Of Summer Lawns…? :smiley:


That will be the perfect match!! :wink: :+1:


Reminds me of this recording

Apparently of crickets, slowed down 20x to hear what it sounds like “at their speed”


I picked up this from TWS a while back (at a much kinder price, I might add) a little while ago:

A lovely companion for the melancholy and reflective jazziness of Mr Bowie’s last album:

And this is very much a Pinot Noir album:


Mine is:

with the gorgeous, slightly jazzy voice of my favourite woman artist, Joni Mitchell… especially this album:

“I looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life… at all”

Gives me the goosebumps… much as this particular Gewurz does…


Shamefully the only Joni album I’m really familiar with is ‘Blue’ - will have to dial up ‘Clouds’ on Spotify for my journey home today :+1:
I sense it might be time for a separate thread…


I adore this album. That open-D tuning, combined with her effortless, soaring melodies, is like a warm blanket over the soul. This, and Hejira, are probably my favourites of hers.

Now I’m 25 again… … :relieved:


The intro to Walk On By alone is one of the best things done by anyone, ever.

Definitely needs something smooth and silky, oh yeah…


Ah! It’s always lovely to come across a fellow Joni admirer! :grinning::grinning: She is by far my biggest inspiration. You are spot on about the ‘warm blanket’ feeling of her voice and melodies (not to mention her lyrics!). It’s exactly how I feel when I listen to her albums- it’s the most cosy, comforting, life-affirming feeling! I discovered her just before I joined the army at 18, so she is associated with some very precious (if odd and sad) memories for me!
Hejira is awesome… but Blue hits the spot every time too. Especially The Last Time I Saw Richard… now which wine would suit that song, I wonder?? Has to be something red and very boozy! :wink:


You’re not wrong there, although for me the highlight is the coda of ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’. 12 minutes of very little happening, and then it just opens out and blows your head off. Incredible.


Thought I’d switcharoo the previous replies on the Choosing wine by mood topic here as they were so fantastic!

I am OVERJOYED by how many Joni Mitchell fans there are here. :heart_eyes: Looks like I’ve got several bottles to buy and sample with her music.

My fave Joni song, ever. My brother is called Richard and it really reminds me of him. He’s a rose fan and so maybe I’d choose this:

Deep, rich and complex, and very boozy, just like the song. :grinning:


I shall open a Travel upon my return from Palma. It’s been tempting me since I got it… Glad you also love that song! @laura! There isn’t a dry eye in the house when this song is on… :sleepy: