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Wine and food appreciation in Chandlers Ford - does it exist?


Continuing the discussion from Hello! :slight_smile: Introduce yourself:
I’m still looking to join or set up an informal group of wine and food lovers in the Chandlers Ford area of Hampshire. Despite a glimmer of hope in three recent related developments, the continuing paucity of decent restaurants and pubs in CF suggests that there’s little interest in good eating and drinking conviviality in the immediate area. However, I’m pretty sure that there are some other WineSoc members in the neighbourhood. Is anyone interested in joining a group to experiment with, and to discuss, food and wine pairings? Exact format to be agreed. A couple of members from Winchester and Southampton have already expressed interest in the idea but it would be good to have some from Chandlers Ford itself.


Cmon CF drinkers shake a leg. Just met Philip and he is a top bloke! We had a great time at the Soton Uni wine club BBQ, meeting up for the first time. Weather most unBBQ but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

All the wines from the TWS and excellent. All great but superior for a BBQ. The top red was the Salice Salentino Reserva. Great to meet another community member. Tough cycle home, probably the most inebriated I’ve been on a bike. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


What a fab photo! :grinning: and so nice to see members meeting in the flesh, too!.. You certainly both look very wine-happy!! :wink::wine_glass:


Yes, what a great afternoon that was, despite the weather which was, to quote the term most used by the BBC weather team, “disappointing”. Thanks for the heads-up on the Soton Uni Wine Club, JayKay, and for the photos (though our secret’s now out)! Not sure about cycling home - Bluestar #1 was a winner for me again.

Good to see Society wines on show - all new to me, apart from the lovely Salice Salentino Riserva. I do love negroamaro! The Saumur Rose was a tasty aperitif, though I think I’ll stick to the blanc. I found the Catena chardonnay a bit overripe and too oaky at first, though it grew on me. I didn’t try the gavi, as I’ve found other versions too dull. For me, the winner was the Peloton rouge - a good full-flavoured wine, with the pinotage balanced by grenache, mourvedre and shiraz. It’s great to see South African wines returning to their previous illustrious standards.

Let’s hope we can find some CF-based members to share some good food and wine.


Double posted on the weekend drinking thread by mistake this morning. Just shows what a good night I had Wine drinking wise! The cycle home started and ended embarrassingly but otherwise OK. The problem being it was a men’s mountain bike with a high rear mud guard making it quite an effort to ‘get my leg over’ :rofl: Suffice to say the mounting and dismounting procedure didn’t go well.

The wines were what I’d call good quality BBQ wines without being exceptional. But as this was a BBQ with real drinking rather than our usual tasting evenings it would have been a waste to offer serious quality wines. I really enjoyed the Salice Salentino Riserva, a step up from the Nero D’Avola tasted at the TWS tasting on Thursday for a couple of pounds more. Well worth the extra for me.


Point of order, I seem to have got my Italian grape varieties mixed up. La Ferla is a Nero d’Avola and the Salice Salentino Riserva is a negroamaro. So two completely different wines! Well I enjoyed both, but prefer the Salice Salentino which, as I said, is a bit more expensive. Negro and Nero both mean black so at least there is some excuse for my confusion!


I am yet to try the ‘black bitter’ grape, so glad you’re recommending the Salice Salentino! Is it, indeed, bitter…? What did you like about it?


No not bitter at all. Medium bodied, perhaps atypically so from what Imhave read about this grape. It was very smooth with lovely berry flavour. The mouthfeel reminded me of a NZ Pinot Noir but I may be way off beam here, I am not very adept at putting what I taste and feel into words.


Not bitter at all, as long as you go for a reliable producer (e.g. Vallone), and Riserva (2 years in the barrel), in my experience - just unalloyed dark, deep-flavoured spicy pleasure. They don’t have great lasting quality, though.


Thank you both! :+1:


We’ve just read the note about you in the Society News, and would be interested to know more. (We live in Winchester.) We did try to send you an email to the address given in the News, but it bounced, so you may also want to check that address. Peter & Irene Casey


Good to hear from you, Peter and Irene, and to know that you are interested in the wine and food appreciation group. And thanks for the heads up on the problem with the email address. It should be pipe4907@yahoo.co.uk, but it comes up on the yahoo.com website. All very confusing! I hope that others will show the same ingenuity as yourselves in finding your way to us via the community, or will raise a query with the Wine Society.

Editorial licence also suggested that the wine and food appreciation group is well established whereas, in fact, it has met only once so far! However the aim is to meet every 1-2 months and I hope that it may, indeed, become a regular event.

I proposed such a group as an informal get-together of people who are interested in, and informed about, good wine and food, particularly the matching of the two. The proposed format is that we meet in the home of one or other of the group members, who will host a meal of, say, four courses. The menu will be circulated in advance to those attending, who will bring and briefly introduce wines for some or all of the courses. The intention is for group members to be able to sample different wines and to share their impressions, while enjoying the meal and the company. My intention in centering it on Chandlers Ford is partly because my wife and I live here (!) but also because it is at the intersection of the Bluestar 1 bus between Winchester and Southampton, and the train from Romsey to Southampton via Eastleigh. Our house is about 10 minutes’ walk from each of those.

We had the first meeting at our house about a month ago, attended by a couple from Southampton @JayKay and a chap from Winchester @tfpywfpy . It was very successful and we all agreed that the format worked well. The next dinner is on 12 October, at the home of the Southampton couple, who live about 5 minutes’ walk from the Bluestar 1 route. There is another TWS member @thewinerunner who lives in Romsey and is keen to join in, but hasn’t been able to make either date so far, because of his erratic work commitments. Oddly, still no-one else from Chandlers Ford! I’m not sure if it is too late for you to be included in the dinner on 12 October. Probably the best thing will be for me to contact @JayKay directly, but also to invite you on to the wine and food appreciation group thread. If you look back over the discussion there, you’ll get a good idea of how it is working and you can decide whether you would like to become involved. Philip


Dear Philip,
The format looks like fun, and we’re certainly interested, but unfortunately we’re already committed for 12 October. Please let us know about the next date, though.
Peter & Irene


Thankyou Philip, great to meet you all at the university event. Hope it won’t be too long before I can make one of the CF events,

Have a great time this Friday,