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Wine and crisps

I don’t eat crisps - it’s one of the only habits I didn’t pick up in 25 years of living here, but recently I had these pitta chips with a glass (or two) of Fino Perdido whilst cooking, and not sure why, but it just worked…


Bought some Twiglets this week to try with Sherry, yet to try but perhaps next weekend but for crisps it’s these the closest we could find here to a Ruffles crisp…

Just perfect with a glass of fizz or Rosé.


I just love the guilt-free pleasure of either a Penguin or Club chocolate biscuit after doning - it’s a totally justified treat and one I don’t do at home. Usually with a 3 pack of ginger biscuits too…
I remember when you could get a tiny tin of Mackesons stout in blood doning centres - supposedly it had iron in it?


I’m exactly the same - except I like to supplement with Speculoos. When and where could you get Mackesons? Certainly the opposite of nowadays, when they emphasise not drinking alcohol at all on the same day.

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I would be delighted to find a match for pickled onion monster munchies, and on the basis that my wife is a crisp eating machine, I can confirm matching of wine and crisps is very rarely considered by her. :rofl: :joy:


I had a good SA Sauvignon Blanc with Mcoys salt and vinegar crisps yesterday. I thought they were a pretty good match.

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Manchester and London centres in the early 1980’s. Never drank any myself, but they had it in the recovery area.


It was my nan’s favourite tipple !

Spuriously prescribed to replace the lost blood iron after donating back in the day IIRC.

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Our preferred crisps are Kettle chips. They are best served at room temperature. You can eat them straight from the packet or if you prefer you can decant them into a bowl, although it makes little difference to the flavour. Wine goes well with them whether it be red, white or rose. But do not try a forty year old Port as it will wreck the delicate flavour of the crisps.


I just had some Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps (M&S)

And some dip.

They were fine - there are some Seabrooks’ crisps that I had a while ago that were much more brutal. So I’m a little underwhelmed. I shall look out for the Seabrooks’ and report back. For those who want a more ‘challenging’ crisp…

I thought a cremant would go well - and this wine is so nice, it goes with pretty much anything. It belies its price and really has grown on me.


We tasted this wine at the domaine along with their other crémants, with their commercial manager Wilfrid Wetta as an excellent guide. His top recommendation was “poulet au ananas, mais pas trop de crème”. We thought that we knew French cuisine, but chicken and pineapple was a new one on us, with or without cream. So I think it’s safe to say that it goes well with many things!