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Wine and crisps

Following on from @Lewis’s post in the Weekday drinks thread 12-16 October 2020 - what are your favourite wine and crisp pairings?

I’ll kick off with one referred to by @Embee that I recently discovered - Palo Cortado and Twiglets. I think that a dry or medium-dry Amontillado or Oloroso would work just as well. Not sure about Fino or Manzanilla, but I feel that it does need trying, purely in the name of research, you understand.

So what does everyone else drink with their crisps? No guilty pleasure is too downmarket - what goes with Cheesy Wotsits?


Beer, generally speaking!


This with a Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir is a dream.

Available from Ocado. and other retail outlets.


These don’t last long in our house.


Does it depend on the flavour of the crisps?

Of course!

Nice one @robertd . Got the wine champ palo cortado coming on Tuesday so will have to get twiglets in.

@NW3Andre. That also looks a wonderful combination. Truffle crisps sound decidedly decadent. Certainly better than the ready salted hula hoops I paired with craggy range pinot last night.


Those truffle crisps, but with champagne.


Salt and vinegar crisps has to be NZ Sauvignon Blanc.


I like salt and black pepper crisps with champagne, or cheese straws and champagne. Other sparkling wines may substitute!

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Interesting. Salt and vinegar is one flavour that I would have thought would kill any wine completely.

Edit: Or was that your point?

The only time I eat crisps is at blood donor sessions and in normal times I would drink a cup or two of black tea. At the moment hot drinks are off the menu so it is squash!

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Penguin biscuits for me after giving blood!

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@Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, that happens to be my wife’s favourite combination. Doesn’t even need to be one of the super-biscuity ones.

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Will report back next weekend on your recommendation. The sherry is in the cupboard, like @Lewis, all I need now are the Twiglets. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go !

I should confess I haven’t eaten them since I was a teenager when I thought they were horrible. However, I felt the same about alcoholic beverages at that time too !

Edit - as for Cheesy Wotsits, I’ll get a bag of those too and see how they pair with a random midweek wine. What’s to lose !


Cheese straws, or even better, home made cheese palmiers with Champagne

Cheese and Onion crisps with a malt whisky.

Salt and vinegar with SB has got my mouth puckering at the thought…


Cheesy wotsits - and all the other things made from maize starch - stick to your teeth badly, so are banished entirely on account of that.


Now that you mention it, IIRC not only do they they stick to your teeth but also to the roof of the mouth to the point of gluing. Thanks for the reminder !

Hmm, I may try Frazzles, if they aren’t maize based, instead.

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I love Twiglets (I didn’t have them in America growing up) and find them so addictive. Love sherry as well so gonna have to give that a go!

Salted crisps and Champagne is heavenly. Also freshly made popcorn with a bit of butter and salt.


Not strictly crisps, but I have got into the habit of munching these along with online wine tastings - a wonderful match with Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. And they keep for ages, too.