Wine and cheese, anybody?

Very 1970s maybe but perhaps there are surprises out there.
We lived for 10 years in Italy but last week we found a big surprise in our local Waitrose - an Italian cheese called ‘Ubriaco Prosecco’ (literally Drunk Prosecco!) which we had never heard of before. Cow’s milk cheese made in the Veneto region where its maturing includes soaking it in Prosecco wine together with the seeds and must. It is produced seasonally, apparently best tasted from late autumn to early summer. We served it In thin slices with grissini (breadsticks) and enjoyed it of course with glasses of the Society
Prosecco. This makes it an interesting aperitif.
We finished it off with the Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which I think went equally well.


Sounds fun (even though I’d rather drink the prosecco personally)

Did it have a leaf like this? Found a few images and they all had it - clever marketing idea

Our piece was very small so there was no leaf visible. I’ll look for it in future


I’ll look out for this in October

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What’s happening in October? An annual trip to Waitrose?? (I hope it is more exciting than that)

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I think late autumn happens…

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Off to Umbria to look after my brothers place for a month as they travel in Pakistan.

Plenty of time to discover local cheeses and wines… and get into the groove of village life…

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This is really nice with a good Gewurztraminer.