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Wine and character

The Times today carries an article about an Italian study into the association between character and taste in wine.

Extroverts, for example, tend to like acidic wine. Emotionally stable people are fond of full bodied and tannic wines. People who rank highly on agreeableness like high alcohol and complex wines.

Apologies if you can’t read the article, but I thought it might provoke some discussion and fun.


I’ve always known i was an agreeable emotionally stable extrovert :grin:


I might be the first to post, but I’m sure I won’t be the last, but there seems to be too much overlap in those characteristics - I most certainly like Nebbiolo, but I also like (value) high acidity in wines. Indeed, I would argue Nebbiolo doesn’t give as full a body as say Cabernet, or Tannat, being more medium plus for me.

And please could somebody define ‘sapidity’ for me, as it seems to raise more questions than it answers right now :smiley:


I’m a very stable genius


Indeed - ‘sapidity’ seems to be a concept peculiar to Italians, it’s certainly new to me.


Interesting - I haven’t read it yet - but ISTR one of my first wine books way-back-when (Hugh Johnson’s?) being quite explicit about the fact that just about the only thing you couldn’t taste in wine was salt. No army can stop an idea whose time has come, eh? :smiley:

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By this definition, I must be a very closeted extrovert. Perhaps, time for me to come out and express my new found extrovertedness.

On second thoughts, maybe not. As a confirmed introvert for the past 57 years, I am not sure that additional extroverts are needed in my world…:slight_smile:


And famously teetotal?

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I love Syrah but not sure how emotionally stable I can claim to be…


Unfortunately it only seems to give half the answers. As an introverted emotional car crash, I’m not sure what wine I am supposed to like!