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Wine and biscuits

29th May is National Biscuit Day

What wine with what biscuit?

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I prefer to consider this slightly differently and say what biscuit with what other biscuit.


Everyday is biscuit day!
I see the following for my go-to biscuits:
Pinot Noir, maybe spätburgunder - Bourbon biscuit
White Lambrusco, or maybe German Riesling - custard biscuit


Oooh… Good q. The king of biscuits is, of course, the dark chocolate Hobnob. But I’m struggling with the wine match… Sparkling Shiraz perhaps?

Not strictly a biscuit, but a cheese straw and glass of fizz is probably my favourite aperitif combo.



Bath Oliver for any type of wine?
Dr Kargs (from Sainsburys) second choice.

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Marmite breakfast biscuits, aged Leicester and Argentinian (eg Catena-Zapata) malbec. Not actually for Breakfast, that’s too hardcore.

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Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Guide suggests various sweet wines with buttery biscuits - Sauternes, Vouvray, Beerenauslese.

Also that a Cox’s Orange Pippin and a digestive biscuit is a classic accompaniment to vintage port. Has anyone tried this? It wouldn’t be my first thought.

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:+1:Definitely one of the best

I tend to avoid Digestives as they seem invariably to contain palm oil. As do many biscuits for that matter. Oatcakes tend not to…

That’s my first choice if not drinking with proper meal. The pumkin seed and emmental version even satisfies some of the urge to add cheese, and you can pretend it contributes to your 5-a-day.

I suspect we buy them from the very same shop, so maybe I’ll see you in the Dr Karg’s aisle if/when we revert to offline food shopping.


Not sure about the apple, but if the digestive biscuit has a piece of stilton on top, absolutely! The perfect combination of sweet and salty :yum:


Savoury choice would be Roka cheese crispies with a glass of a decent dry sparkling.

Sweet: cantucci and Vin Santo (plus an espresso) are a match made in heaven/Italy.


Fox’s treacle crunch cream and Sandeman’s 20yo tawny.

Digestive biscuit (Dove’s farm) and an Orleans de Rennette with vintage port. The sharpness of the apple with the biscuit works well and neither overwhelm the port. I find stilton a bit mad as an addition to this, although I always have a crumb of it with my Christmas port.


Biscotti & Vin Santo - apparently - features in every criminal underworld movie so it must be true.

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Well that puts me in dubious company I agree. But not sure if that is in the company of criminals or producers of criminal underworld films :thinking: Whatever or more accurately whoever, we all enjoy good taste when it comes to wine and biscuits!

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