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Wine (and beer) videos with a difference

After sitting (or should I say cowering?) through “White Wine Spritzer” shared by @M1tch in another thread, I’m reminded that there is an underclass of … unusual … videos to promote wine and beer out there.

Most wine-related videos are the same thing - people sitting at tables, pouring, sniffing, spitting … and if you are like me, these rarely have an impact.

However, there are those who have pushed the boat a little further “off-shore”

Here are a couple of my favourites (or most memorable?) I recall from a couple of years ago (excuse me while I go pop the cork on a little spätlese), but PLEASE SHARE ANY YOU COME ACROSS

WINE - how to sell Riesling

BEER - how to promote beer AND “Don’t Drink & Drive” (one of the best commercials ever)


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