Wine and alcohol – should Abv. help decide what to buy?

Logically, I can’t argue with that. But … temptation and Oscar Wilde come to mind.
On a related but separate tack, it’ll be fascinating to see next January onwards whether excise duty encourages more folks to look for lower Abv wines.

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This is really interesting. I’ve often wondered whether diluting high ABV wine would work but for some reason have never tried it. Maybe it just feels too strange! But I will give it a try I think.

Does anybody else do this out of interest?

I tend to stick to 14% & below nowadays so disappointed to hear the 2020 Meerlust Rubicon is 14.55% because I ordered a case without realising - it’s a wine I buy every year but I think that will be the highest ABV I’ve seen.

I’d like to see more Loire reds at TWS.

Ridge do. They’re not the only ones who do it but they declare it on their labels

It’s even worse than that:

The ABV on the label can be the measured percentage rounded up or down - not necessarily to the closest integer multiple of 0.5%.

Then there is the accuracy of the measurement technique, which I think must give results within 0.5% of the true value.

So the stated value could be nearly 1 percentage point away from the actual ABV.

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