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Wine/Alcohol Advent Calendars

I’ve just read that Aldi are offering a Wine Advent Calender www.stylist.co.uk/life/recipes/aldis-wine-advent-calendar-prosecco-red-white-rose-alcohol-christmas/43338?utm_content=buffer0e44b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer and wondered if anyone has ever been tempted by the idea or has had one? It seems you can get all sorts of boozy advent calenders now with beer, gin and whiskey being readily available!

I guess it depends whether you want the product purely for the alcohol, or perhaps for the taste.

That said, I quite like offers of a case of mixed half bottles.

I suppose it does feel like a bit of a gimick and there’s more potential for the quality to not be that great especially when they’re sold from places that aren’t generally in the drinks business but I think if you can afford it for the novelty factor then they’d be quite fun!

I for one love the idea of a boozy advent calendar! We had a craft beer one a few years back and it was lovely to discover new ones we would never have thought of trying:

It helps that we shared the calendar (half a beer a day doesn’t sound so bad!) and also we didn’t stick to it religiously so we could save up a few beers to share at the weekend rather than drinking every day!

I also know a friend who had the Master of Malt whisky calendar

Again, some nice surprises, and actually a few surprising disappointments. Drinking them in a fairly short space of time allowed even my whisky-mad friend to evaluate them in a new light.

I’d be interested in Aldi’s wine advent calendar - I’ve had several of their wines and been pleasantly surprised by quite a few of them so - while it’s clearly not going to be fine wine - I don’t think it would be a total gimmick. Especially if you pair it with ASDA’s cheese advent calendar… :laughing:

Plus it’s a bit of festive fun. :smile:

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I’m quite tempted to buy it to be honest! If you can’t have novelty at Christmas when can you!

UPDATE: They’ve already unsurprisingly sold out online!

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haha… @Catherine, I’m really not surprised they’ve sold out. Maybe TWS might consider doing one for next year.

Fine and Rare do them as well at a range of price points, and they say they work with drinks by the dram as well:


I think the kids would take exception if we opted for the alcoholic advent calendar…


My kids have those old advent calendars that every year got filled up annually with sweets like Cadbury’s Heroes. I have to say that for the older ones this year, I had been thinking of putting a few miniatures in instead… Maybe they’d share with their dear old Dad?


That’s a brilliant idea! I saw in ASDA the other day that they have loads of really good minitures including Woodford Reserve, Chambord and Kraken rum - they’d also be good for stocking fillers :gift:

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:astonished: Oh WOW. Had no idea about this. Definitely want to get some of these for the other half’s stocking, but also a DIY boozy advent calendar is so great - you could mix and match all your favourite types of booze.
Did they do gin miniatures, can you remember?:grinning:

I’m pretty sure they did, I was very impressed with the selection available!

My wife made a fabric advent Calendar a few years back. Each day has enough space for two ‘bottle’ liqueur chocolates.

Must do some chocolate shopping…

Have just seen this in Costco . This advent calendar thing is really taking off :joy:

@robert_mcintosh I am assuming someone is looking into the issue of landscape vs portrait orientation and any other rotation issues on mobile uploads… though the upside down fridge was funny


yes … unfortunately it appears to be about how the mobile phones encode their orientation and not something in discourse … but I’m looking into it


A couple of photographs of my wife’s advent calendar for last year. I have an inkling of this year’s wines and bubbly and can’t wait.



Wow, that’s amazing! Love the ratio of bubbles to still wine in there

This was my makeshift Christmas tree last year