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Wine Advertising on TV


I am a huge fan of the 80s, just look at my 80s playlist on Spotify, it’s the biggest I have. Ask Alexa what radio station I listen to most, it will respond (because ‘it’ is not a ‘she’) Absolute 80’s. My favourite TV programme? The Young Ones, the Bambi episode still represents the perfect 30 minutes of comedy writing ever.

For me it was and still is the Golden era in many respects. One of which is TV advertising, I thought the 80s feared no product, and had an open and engaging manor about it that actually got your attention and made you want that product through some clever sloganeering and character interactions.

As is often the case, YouTube sent me into a random blackhole the other day when an 80s TV Advert playlist entered my ‘Recommendations’ playlist - eventually I stumbled across this gem from 1988 - whilst still not old enough to drink at the time - I remember the impact this had on wine and how consumers flocked to the supermarket to purchase a bottle of this classic.

Not sure if any of you have a specific advert / memory of a wine advert / have witnessed a funny wine advert but I thought it would be fun to share to prompt more memories of years gone by.

February 2020 on The Community

I do have memories of bottles of Piat d’Dor on tables at all my Grandparents gatherings … that and the classic basket Chianti :wink:! Don’t recall any tv adverts … more than likely because that would be condemned by the Irish Catholic Church :frowning:.


Aaahhh! Le Piat d’Or! Who could forget it, especially if you were unfortunate enough to be offered a glass.

That was a great advert, though. And for the geekier amongst us, here’s an interesting short article on the thinking behind that brand-

Le Piat d’Or


Ah, yes, there was Hirondelle too, which I think I drank more of - and before Piat d’Or appeared. Didn’t realise (or care!) that was not French.

At the risk of sounding like the Three Yorshiremen, the other wines I remember from the late 70s and early 80s were Sainsbury’s Spanish Red/White and Lutomer Rizling.


Whatever happened to advertisement slogans?

I still remember the slogans and products now, while so many modern advertisements are instantly forgettable. In fact sometimes I never do understand what they are trying to sell.


well certainly “le French adore le Piat d’or” wouldn’t pass ASA guidelines now !


This what I remember from early 80s. Still going now.


This is a great read, thanks for sharing. It’s as if LPd was a wine that was driven by good research, and manufactured to meet the tastes of the U.K. market. I’m not sure how much of that goes on in the industry today, I suspect all is left to the wine maker to decide rather than canvas opinion and feedback.


I know EXACTLY what you mean, the era was littered with casually paced adverts and catchy rhyming phrases that made the product easy to remember when asking for it in the shops. Hardly any adverts are that memorable now - a quick blast of energetic light and action apparently appeals to consumers.


Have you tried any recently, I’ve never tried Hungarian wine before - but would be tempted especially as this has some heritage about it.


And for those searching for a champagne alternative in the 80s. How 21 seconds of convincing consumers that if it’s good enough for the upper class, then it’s good enough for me - especially as it’s served in a champagne coupe glass (very smart touch from advertising :nerd_face:)


I wonder how these wines (if you can still get them) would fare in a blind taste against similarly priced, readily available, wines today? I bet there would be one or two surprises :thinking:


I have had Blue Nun and Mateus Rosé in the last few years and they are not nearly as bad as you might think. I strongly suspect the formula has changed to cater for modern drier palates.


Ah, Babycham “Champage Perry” - a descriptor that fails completely now. Illegal use of “Champagne”, and we now seem call the drink “pear cider”.


“The French adore…Le Piat d’Or” or so we were told on telly in a French accent back in the 80’s. Yet strangely my French in-laws had never heard of it.
I seem to remember it being vaguely cote-de-rhone / beaujolais, went down very well with some boursin.


Except for they are two completely different wines. The first one is what gave Bikavér a bad name, most what you get today is actually very good.


I do recall a legal case around this? I can not remember who initiated but I think it was deemed that Babycham had not implied that this was champagne and won the case :clinking_glasses: :deer::+1:


I know @DrEm posted a link to the one in Adnams, but in case it’s of interest - we also sell what would have once been called a ‘Bull’s Blood’ wine:

There’s some info about Bull’s Blood and its heritage in this article about Hungarian wines:

Ah yes, Babycham! This was the only alcohol advert I can remember from my childhood. :joy: I used to look forward to when I was a grownup so I could be a sophisticated lady drinking Babycham… :woman_facepalming:


I have heard similar tales about Blue Nun. They’ve upped their game and worked hard at modernising and relaunching the brand apparently…but if you look at this advert from ‘85 you can appreciate that anywhere from here was a way forwards (the US seemed to just copy Coca-Cola). How it portrays women :roll_eyes:


It’s still on the grass bank as you drive through Shepton Mallet…

That’s tonight’s nightmare sorted :ghost::ghost::ghost: