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Wimbledon and wine



My employer has a partnership with the Wimbledon Championships this year, so I’ve found myself in the lucky situation of having blagged myself a ticket for Centre Court and Court No1 for next Wednesday and Thursday. I’ve never been before and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m reading today that they allow you to bring a bottle of wine in with you, which is nice. One of the clients I’m taking is into Barolo, so I thought I’d take a Burlotto Pelaverga to show him something a bit different (and importantly, a bit lighter) from the region, but I’m thinking a white would make sense for the other day. Question is, what would you take? Champagne to go with the strawberries? A Riesling for the classic ‘tennis ball’ aroma?


not white… but what about a PN Rose… strawberry and cream in a glass


Great call, although I’m not sure I’ll be able to get hold of one in time having just had a delivery today. I did just get one of these today though, and a rose is a good idea in general I think:


You lucky man. I’m very envious. Wimbledon is the best social event of the summer and I’m sure you’ll have a great time whatever you do. That said, my advice based on trial and error with wine and Wimbo is…

Wimbledon’s exeptional terroir is best expressed through champagne. The best you’ve got, taken at regular intervals. Accept no substitutes. Start early.

If you haven’t been before, make sure you have time to soak up the atmosphere. Walk the grounds, see the practice courts, do the Hill, people watch, play “who’s that?” and finally…

…watch some tennis. My preference is around 2 matches all in, so maybe 5 sets per day, less if you’re not a fan.Sometimes the lure of the terrace bars and good company is too strong and anyway, you can see the scoreboards from there so you’re not entirely missing out on the action.

Caveat glasses. If you’re bringing them for your seat, they will have to be plastic/acrylic so get good ones.

Have a great time. I’ll be there on Wednesday too. Easy to spot, I’ll be wearing chinos and a blazer. Come and say hi!


Since you’re considering fizz and white wines then presumably you have the means to keep the bottle chilled till needed.

With that assumption I’d go with Champagne, not only because I love it, but its celebratory and great with strawberries.

AND, Lanson (one of my favourite brands) is a sponsor and you can get a bottle of Lanson in a special Wimbledon packaging. This year it looks like a tennis ball, viz


I had a feeling champagne was probably the answer, in the same way that white Burgundy is at Lord’s. I’ll have a dig around and see what we have. I know I’ve got some Chapel Down but I don’t think that will do.

This will be a big part of it, I think. I am genuinely interested in watching the tennis and we should have some marquee names on display, but I agree that the experience isn’t just about that.

Great shout. I’ve got one of these which I’ll be taking, so we’ve got a couple of glasses - pretty sure I have some others somewhere too.

Ha ha!! Yes I’m sure you’ll stick out a mile. I might do the same so we can easily pick each other out…


I certainly do - see above!

I really like the Lanson packaging - I remember seeing them on the shelves ahead of last year’s tournament as well. It would almost be rude not to take one!


I like your chiller/glass set. Small and neat.

Reading your post and replies has really got me in the mood for Wednesday now, @Bargainbob. Report back on your experiences?


Wimbledon was awesome! What an absolutely fantastic experience. Aside from Nadal, I think I saw basically everyone I could have hoped for. We had very impressive wins for Pliskova and Djokovic on the first day, with the Edmund/Verdasco epic sandwiched in between. What a game of two halves that was. Verdasco looked all over the place in the first two sets, but after Edmund tweaked his knee 3-0 up in the third the momentum of the match turned. Verdasco (and his serve) got quicker and stronger and Edmund faded out of the game. Such a shame after a cracking start!

The tennis wasn’t quite as good yesterday, but we saw Kvitova, Federer and Serena win their matches. It looked like Serena wasn’t trying - shuffling around the court looking dejected while 18 year old Kaja Juvan produced the game of her life. Serena’s power ultimately decided the match though and she wore her opponent down in the end.

That was it for the scheduled matches on court 1, but as Serena wrapped things up fairly early we got a bonus match - Andy Murray’s men’s doubles! Great to see Murray back. It’s hard to evaluate his fitness in doubles, but the talent is definitely still there. Hopefully he’ll make a return to singles in due course.

As for Wimbledon itself, as @NeilS rightly suggested, having a wander about and enjoying the atmosphere is a big part of it. The only thing I could compare it to is a Test Match at Lord’s. We were bathed in sunshine for both days (but fortunately were in the shade on court) and the whole thing’s just glorious. I took a bottle of Lanson with me for the first day, and the Pelaverga yesterday - the Pelaverga got the better reception as it happened. The 2017 is bang on form right now! Aside from that, it was all about the Pimm’s (and the occasional can of mass produced Pinot Grigio). Even though we were on the Corporate dollar for both days I couldn’t justify 200ml of Champagne for £22.50.

It looks like my company will have a multi-year partnership with the Championships, so unless I get fired it seems likely I’ll be there again for next year. Looking forward to it already!




You know how it is - once you’re onsite they can basically charge what they like - and they clearly do


To be fair, having been involved in similar things from the other side (photography at events rather than wine) the people selling the champagne and anything else are almost certainly paying a huge cut to Wimbledon. It could easily be 50% of the takings or more.

I’m sure some of you have grumbled in the past at the exorbitant price charge by photographers for University graduation photos. We have done these in the past and the universities now take at least 50% and frequently 60% of the price of the photos as commission. I am certain this will be similar or even more.


I like Lanson, but to my taste it needs around 5+ years in the bottle to show at its best.

I’v had Pelaverga with a lot more age on it than that, and it matures beautifully!


Good to know re the Pelaverga - I have a couple left and will try to hang on to them for a while. Here’s hoping the 2018 appears on the list in due course - with so little of it getting produced, and with it being so utterly delicious, it’s quite difficult resisting temptation and hanging on to it.


three left over here so equally happy to hear they will stick around in bottle for a while :blush: