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Wiki: New Website Feedback / Ideas / Snagging List

This Wiki is a collection of the feedback from the Preview: What to Expect from our New Website post.

Please contribute by adding your Things Gone Wrong and suggestions >> by editing this Wiki post <<

I haven’t the time to collect all the feedback from the 794 posts (as of 8th Sep), so if there’s an issue you care about that isn’t listed please add it!

As items are addressed @laura / other admin will mark as done [and in progress?]


  • Do include detail that helps identify the issue / add context to the suggestion
  • Keep posts as succinct as possible
  • Note the date of addition and who submitted
  • Make use of the categories - these will likely need expanding/tidying to make them as useful as possible for the TWS team

The List:

Website Functionality Problems (stuff not working)
08-SEP - Reduce/remove case from basket not working e.g. Vinho Verde and North American case @Templeton

06-SEP - Drink dates not showing for all reserves “Previously the dates shown were when all wines were within their drinking period. …Having looked at 5 cases, it appears that the drink dates shown are simply the dates from the first wine listed in the case.” @CCouzens
9-SEP - Can’t see list of EP orders showing quantity & expected arrival dates. Currently the only way to find ordered stuff is to trawl through order detail. @jasonbstanding Seconded! See also my comment below on EP/Reserves records, functionality previously available now removed @MarkC

07-SEP - Some account balances not showing correctly - due to En Primeur payments listed as debits not credits @mshewen


New feature request / old feature re-instatement
07-SEP - Re-introduction of recent member and press reviews @mrptaylor

  • The sort function in My Reserves doesn’t seem to work. Wines seem to be listed randomly when using Date Asc or Date Desc.
  • Order details and purchase dates are not visible in my reserves so if you have multiple purchases of NV Champagne there is no way of selecting the bottles that have been in reserves longest withdrawal. This information was previously available.

11-SEP - it would help if you could link to all wines by the same producer from within a specific wine as you could do on the previous site @Winestwit Seconded - really missing this feature! @MattH
13- SEP - reinstate inventory of EP wines, preferably in tabular format (same format would help for Reserves too), and in downloadable format. New site seems to link EP only to purchase invoices and does not list them separately. Would make life much easier! @MarkC

13 - SEPT from @GuidoD Please could you make all the previous EP offer notes that were available for download once again available. I know some have been reintroduced, but not all. Wines purchased before 2010 are in some cases only just entering their drinking window. ALSO, please could you assure us that old EP offers won’t get deleted when they reach 10 years of age, please.

UI / UX Suggestions
11-SEP After logging in, the user is sent to the My Account page, not the page they were previously on @Jimmybob

(minor!) After sending a message via the contact form the “thankyou” message is showing its HTML tags. @jasonbstanding

Sort the link to the Community at the top of the main side. This used to open in a new tab (as the Main Site link at the top of the Community page does), but currently navigates you to the new page. @MattH


Please can the purchasing history be fully restored as was on the old site? The data is all there, is there a problem allowing access to our full history? Steve


If you look at “my wines” it goes back a lot further than “my orders” for no obvious reason that I can see.

Great, feel free to edit to 1st post - it’s a Wiki post that anyone can edit - with your updates.

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Andy, thanks that does give access to the info I am after. Should have played around more.

I added a line on a UX feature that seems odd to me. You can view wines and navigate the public areas of the site without logging in. You can even add a wine to a wishlist without logging in. But of course to add a wine to your wishlist, you have to login, and the only way to do that is hit the login button. But that sends you to the My Account page - not the page you were previously viewing, which you have to hit ‘back’ a few times to get to, including through the login screen.

A minor problem perhaps but not uncommon especially given several of us are rebuilding lengthy wishlists from scratch.



Some of the links for the Bordeaux previous notes are the wrong way around - pre order links takes you to main offer and vice a versa. Not a big issue - something for routine pty snag list in due course

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