Why Wine Has a Front and a Back Label?

Evening all,

Ferreting in the deep dark dank recesses of the garage and found this.

Think we had a snail problem a few years back. First world problems maybe…

It’s actually a Chateau Pindefleurs St Emilion 2011.

Aldi a few years back…

Some fruit left, mild tannins.

Should go well with the lasagne.

Cheers all…


From the top photo I did wonder if it was a brand new high-altitude old vine garnacha or something from Tenerife.


Even that was fortunate! I’d be willing to bet a wine of that level (and up) bottled for the French market wouldn’t have a back label.

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This is where a good cork comes in handy - usually has the maker and the vintage on. Had to rely on that a few times for the same reason!


Morning all,

The vintage date was on the top of the cork!

Friday. Let’s see what’s in the “drink me” pile…


I recently had a bottle in a case of Martin Waßmer Spätburgunder that had no label at all :joy:.


That’s just good customer service, they knew an expert like you would need a bottle for blind tastings…

I’m also starting to wonder how big a garage @Graham74 has, given his various recent posts about finding old wine there…:grinning:


@SW17 It’s a two car garage.

Confession time.

Not had a car in there in 23 years…

Been rearranging boxes to dig down the bottom of the stacks. Today’s single bottle finds (known to be in there)

Guigal St Joseph Lieu Dit 2011
Tapanappa Foggy Hills Fleurieu Pinot Noir 2009
S C Pannell Nebbiolo 2006
Roda Rioja Reserva 2007

First three ex Tesco’s fire sale
Roda looks like a Sainsers security tag.

Drank one of the Tapanappa’s a couple of years ago
Likewise the Nebbiolo.

Will report back when broached…


Nice, looks like you’re set for the weekend. Oh for the days when most supermarkets sold such wine. I can understand why they don’t anymore, but it’s sad.

What a lovely selection. As @SW17 points out, unimaginable that you’d find any of these bottles in a supermarket these days.