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Why is the WS web site so slow?


Does anyone else find the site painfully slow to navigate? Page loads seem to take ages. And because of the way the site is written there are plenty of them. Slick it isn’t. It really puts me off.


Do you think this might be an issue with your operating system !? It’s pretty quick for me :wink:


Slower on my IPad than the laptop, but using the same WiFi system. Could be your Broadband speed?


Slower on my tablet than it used to be.


Seems fine to me (at 1758).

These problems can sometimes occur if there exists a problem with routing, which would be a fault on your ISP’s network or upstream, which might explain different responses on different networks.


Whether at work or home on wifi, it has always seemed pretty quick to me - rarely wait more than a few seconds to move between pages, perhaps mostly when delving through MyAccount which is, perhaps, understandable.


There have been a few updates recently as we have something exciting going live soon (you might have seen a few teasers already!). Just checking a few speed test tools the overall offers and features page takes around 1 second to load (as a comparison the BBR homepage takes 2.78 seconds to load). I know that the member homepage does have some additional personalised information such as latest purchases, any reserves/VCP/WWF you have as well as the latest offers you have been mailed etc - might take a bit longer to load those.

We continually try to improve the site speed from a technical perspective as we want to make the site experience the best for members. If there are any specific pages you are finding are slower than you expect I could look to raise this with the digital/development team.


To give an example, the process of building up an order from various wines, 2 bottles of each say, is extremely clunky because of the way you’re sent from one page to another. You click ‘add to basket’ and a (whole) new page loads - slowly. Why not just (‘instantly’) update the basket while staying on the same page (as most e-commerce sites I use do)? Have your developers not heard of AJAX, or similar? By comparison try navigating and building up an order at www.scan.co.uk. If you don’t find that an altogether different category of experience then we’re clearly never going to understand one another.


Such a tease! Anything you can tell us?

There are many ways of doing this and I have to admit that there are sites that work better than others, but … it does work, which is already better than quite a few.

Whilst I do agree that there are things that could be better (there’s a whole topic on I love the Wine Society website, but ) I also understand that wine retail is a particular kind of business with very low margins, high costs, fragile products, complicated SKU variations, etc and I have to say that I am (personally) happy to spend a few minutes more on my shopping instead of having The Society invest hundreds of thousands of pounds to save me those seconds (and potentially increase the cost of my wines)

It reminds me of a story told by Rory Sutherland about the Eurostar “improvement”:


Perhaps I am missing something here. But isn’t that exactly the way the website works for ordering? Once you have selected the number of bottles (or cases) you want, hitting the “add to basket” button achieves that, signalled by a temporary small popup window confirming the fact.

Of course, if you want to add some different sort of wine then you need to navigate to another page, but that’s no different to the www.scan.co.uk site (exemplary response times on that site!).

Are you using a tablet or phone by any chance?


That’s an interesting TED talk, Robert.

My vote goes for a slow website - if, as Rory proposes for Eurostar, TWS supplies us with free Petrus to drink while we wait.


I second this proposal. Magnums for when it’s extra slow.


I vote for Salmanazars …… Do Petrus even do that??? (…heads off to google it :laughing:).


No idea, but if I ever went into the wine-faking business, I’d definitely want to cook up a few of those for auction :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Rudi Herbster has a certain ring to it :rofl::+1:


Think you are wanting a Goliath of Petrus :smiley: