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Why does the W/S only offer a collection discount on pre-ordered cases of wine?


I am sorry to lower the tone, but this issue really irks me. If you pre-order a case of wine - whether mixed or unmixed - and arrange to pick it up from the showroom, you receive a small but welcome discount for your pains.
Why can this offer not be extended to members dropping in to the showroom and making up their own cases of wine on the spot?
When I suggested this to a member of staff recently, he replied that this would be unfair on members who lived too far away to visit the showroom.
Yes, but…
If you can’t visit the showroom, you can’t visit the showroom, regardless of whether you are minded to pre-order a case of wine, or make up a case on the spot.
Without naming names, if you turn up and buy 6 (let alone 12!) bottles of wine at most wine retailers, you receive a discount, regardless of whether you have pre-ordered or not.
Or am I missing something?



As a fellow close-to-the-showroom member, I do understand where you’re coming from - however as it happens, I used to work in Member Services, so I hope I can offer some enlightenment from what I learned in my years there about the reasoning behind this. :slight_smile:

I believe it’s because pre-ordered wines really do help save The Society money. They are prepared in the warehouse as part of the daily order preparation (alongside all the orders for delivery etc) rather than picked from the Showroom stock, so it saves Showroom staff from having to replenish the shelves quite as much (saving money on staff resources etc). Also, pre-orders are already entered onto the order system when you arrive, and are ready-packed, so all you have to do is pay (or you can also pre-pay for an even speedier transaction!), whereas if you just drop by the Showroom staff will scan every bottle, enter the order onto the system electronically, and help you pack up your order etc. So pre-ordering really does save such a lot of time, preventing queues in busy periods and helps manage Showroom staff levels.

I don’t know if this helps at all? I do generally tend to pre-order for this very reason, but if I do ever drop by unannounced I’ll try to make it worth my while by sampling the enomatics and picking up a bin-end or two…! :smile: