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Why do you love wine?



An interesting question poised on an Instagram story by wordonthegrapevine

I can’t really give a specific answer beyond “because I do!” Yes, I appreciate the different flavours that you find in wine and that this all comes seemingly from a single ingredient – grapes. I can also say that’s why I like coffee because, like wine, I marvel at the different flavours you can get out of good coffee – raspberry, bubble-gum and jasmine in the cup by the side of me as I type this!

It could be I appreciate the craft and skill that has gone into the making of the wine but then I appreciate the same when I drink craft beers. It could be the stories and personal memories linked to the wine but again eating something straight from the garden also has similar emotions.

I can’t yet say why I singularly like wine – ie what unique aspect makes me like wine as opposed to other taste experiences. I may be alone in this but it would be good to see what the Community’s answers are to the question: Why do you love wine?


One could just say “'cos it tastes good and makes me feel nice”. That’s obviously not all. I’m an experimenter who is always out to try wines from new grapes/growers/regions, but I do return to favourite trying to recapture my best drinking experiences. Time and place is everything as you have hinted at.

Wine also appeals to my inner “nerd”, I love collecting wine and learning more from others about the best wines and the best buys. You are never going to run out of new wine experiences, as vintage follows vintage; and at a slower pace, wines change due to fashion (for better or worse) and one generation of growers and winemakers replaces another.

Wine also is of interest to the social historian in me. Different region’s wines are shaped by social and political structures and how they change - for example you can contrast the many small growers of Burgundy, with the generally large, often aristocratic estates of Bordeaux.


One of the things I really like about wine, beyond the obvious hedonistic ones, is that it’s educational !

My knowledge of things like language, culture, history, geography, geology, etc have all improved, sometimes quite dramatically, through drinking wine and wanting to know more about it. I can’t really think of any other drink or food stuff that does that.