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Who wants to try a special new whisky?

OK, before everyone goes off and gets their pitchforks sharpened, it’s worth noting that the Wm Grant’s Market Report in 2014 showed somewhere around 70% of whisky sold in the off trade was bought as gifts.

Person A buys 2 bottles, gifts one to person B.

Person B concludes months later that they want to get rid of some whisky for whatever reason.

Unfortunately your “tracking bottle numbers" mechanism doesn’t account for this, and afaict nobody’s done anything “wrong”?

What’s the solution? This was already a vatting of 7 hogsheads & 2 butts, so to increase availability you either need more casks (which you may not have), or reduce bottling strength (not always popular)…

Don’t know what my point is. As you were.


Given that Islay is often referred to as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, it feels like the answer is probably yes.

Oh dear

Ooooh, sneak preview. Forgot @Sarah was the spirits buyer too


Just to be clear, I think we’d all like to hear your thoughts on that.

Also the Fontodi.

And all the others.


Is it peaty or sherried? Or both?


Waits with baited breath ……

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Looks pale, did you add water? Or suggestive of a Speyside dram?

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Doesn’t look overly sherried which can ruin character …

Just out of interest, I took a look at Auction Houses who sold on the first iteration of this WS Reserve Cask Selection.
I think that the hammer price was between £140 and just over £200.
The best bit was that many of the Auction Houses listed the unique bottle numbers.
My wish would be that every member who purchased a bottle that ended up on an auction site, would be prevented from buying ANY WS originating bottle that was in short supply / high demand.
So no Burlotto, no Gonon, no Roumier, NO…everything else.
I have no problem if a member wants 6 bottles for personal consumption, but if they wish to gift bottles away; they should make it crystal clear to the recipient that the bottle cannot be sold on. If they do, there may well be adverse consequences for that member.
This sort of behaviour might be incorporated into the algorithm, so that it is not publicised but is a defining factor as to allocation. Just not knowing, may well put a crimp into some Members behaviour. I could not help but notice that once the Burlotto 2016’s were delivered into our reserves, there was a steady drip of these 3’s into the secondary market. I expect that the same thing will happen with the 2017’s. :unamused:
I did not buy the 1st edition of this release, but I hope that one fine day I see something from a Scottish Distillery that I have previously enjoyed and then will purchase.
NOTE to Society
I did see some people encouraging Membership of the Society, purely to access these special releases.
For a net £20, anybody might have purchased a golden ticket!!
So I would implore the Society to have the members purchasing record being part of an equation in order to access bottles.
Currently, it is a net £20 per debenture to buy, and that seems very / far too cheap!! :dragon:


I think buying for this purpose is against society terms and conditions, but I have never heard of anyone having their membership revoked.

I know Corney and Barrow keep track of these things for DRC. I think it is something along the lines of if you sell within two years you risk losing future allocations.

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Limit the new release whisky to one bottle …. I hate flippers

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Just been perusing the TWS whisky selection. Apparently, there is no oak influence on any of them.