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Who wants to try a special new whisky?

Of course they have. There’s no easy way to completely stop flippers. If the next release is desirable enough (say an Islay 30yo), folk will join TWS just to get these bottles, and they won’t give a damn if they get chucked out again. They’ll have easily made the membership fee back on reselling them.

The best thing TWS could do to minimise flipping would be to limit it to one bottle per member.

I was joking, I’ll get far more enjoyment from drinking them :grinning:

You’ve twisted my arm.

They already limited it to 3 bottles per person of which I took my full allocation.
One we gave to a friend for his 40th birthday. I would like to think he didn’t sell it on which I’m sure he didn’t BUT if he did I would hate to think I would be implicated and penalised for that. Not all bottles being flipped were purchased for that purpose .

Maybe TWS should expand the rules, so people cannot buy wine stuff with the intention to give it away.


Hoping the second one is from Islay - pretty sure the society must have used some barrels from that direction.

a wild guess?

Interesting ! sold for £230, that’s not much of a profit considering it originally cost £200 + £5 p&p.

Springbank my one true love…

My favourite whisky has for many years been Springbank.
And it would be tremendous, if the Society brought us an edition from this lauded distillery.
I seem to remember a brother of mine, purchasing a cask, back in the 1980’s. (Don’t ask!!)
For me the Latour, DRC or La Chapelle of this venerated “usquebaugh!”
But I suspect that hoping, is unlikely to make it so. :sob: :dragon:

I don’t have any problem with limited bottles being given away, just with folk reselling them immediately for profit. My point was that if TWS want to minimise flipping, a ‘one per member’ limit is the best way I can see of doing it without onerous levels of admin. But as you quite rightly point out, this could end up penalising members who stick to the rules.

TBH I don’t think the flippers can be outwitted. Gig promoters and bands have been trying to eliminate ticket touting for decades to very little effect.

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Yes, but I’m sure when this was first launched last year, TWS said they had whiskies from several different regions lined up for future releases. So chances are there will be an Islay at some stage.

I need to ask… Please tell the story… Ive had s9me amazing bottles unfortunately theyve got as popular as islay malts now and flippers go mad for them

I think an Islay is definitely on the horizon @rjsmall but maybe not the next one in the series if the order in the Cask Series overview article is accurate :man_shrugging:

  1. This is a rare opportunity for whisky fanatics too. Not only are these planned releases very good malts, but they offer an unparalleled opportunity to taste a less-curated range. The usual way in which a distillery would select a 30-year-old bottling would be for a skilled distiller to taste thousands of casks annually, putting to one side those he or she felt would suit this fully mature style the most. I want to be very transparent that that is not something we were able to do. Our releases reflect what we had available (with a little deselection involved) that give a fascinating snapshot of what is representative of a classic Highland, Speyside or Islay malt at this age. I like the honesty of this, and where a distilleries own-selection 30-year-old malt may have reached a peak just beyond these releases, I defy anyone to not find this discovery an exciting part of the project.

Link to full article if of interest to anyone

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This whisky came up in discussion yesterday. A friend who is infinitely more knowledgeable about whisky has also suggested that based on history it is most likely to be Glenfarclas.

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I note that TWS standard blended Scotch is now on ‘low stock’ warning, and very much hope that it isn’t heading the same way as the late 16 y/o highland blend. I shall get a bottle with my next order (it’s rather good, a tad bland & under-strength - but unbeatable for the price).

On the back label, we are told “A Hebridean influence provides a hint of peat and whiff of smoke” - so if we disallow recent distilleries, the Hebridean influence can only be Talisker ? or at a push, Tobermory. Do Islay or Jura count as Hebridean?

Putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 : IF the blended scotch is discontinued… TWS might have a cask of aged Talisker going begging. Next Xmas maybe?



Speaking of which, I’m currently working my way through this

Picked it up from Master of Malt for £45 a couple of Christmases ago in one of their flash sales.
A great sherried malt.


Yes definitely.

Oh. I guess I shall have to revise my 2+2=5 theory: TWS will now be sitting on a spare cask of Caol ila (the village bike of Islay whisky) which will be fine by me !


Shouldn’t the next whisky be released soon :eyes:

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