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Who wants to try a special new whisky?

So is Mark Reynier involved in the making of 1989 Highland malt from the TWS?

Apologies if I’ve missed something.

No, i was making a general comment as there were other posts about other whiskies on this thread

What a fantastic thread. My three bottles arrived today. No’s 317, 319 and 321.

I’m waiting to open the first one when my son comes home to visit from Chicago. I don’t know when that will be with the current madness but I’m sure it will be worth waiting for.

Definitely looking out for the rest of the series. Well done Sarah!


Encouraging review at this link


Welcome @Brentw1, glad to hear you’re now in possession of your three bottles :smiley: And that will definitely be a special occasion - please let us know how you and your son find them when you do open them!

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Interesting comment about the secondary market at the end. I would hope members would not succumb to the temptation to cash in, but I suppose we will see in due course.

Baby has arrived


Surely it’s a lot of effort on a 95 bottle.

Depends on the demand. A well reviewed, very limited run 30yr old whisky could potentially command some serious $$$…

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pour encourager les autres

Probably those Portsmouth lot again

From TWS website

"I’ve tasted 30 year old highlanders that cost over £1000. They were more complex and tastier than this. However, they were clearly from the same canon. This is excellent, rich and deep with good length. Drying as an old whisky should be, but retains the highland honey. I write this having come back to buy a second bottle, but its out of stock! damn "


hmmm…definitely too much time in sherry barrels

Pretty new to whisky of this age but imo fantastic stuff - like a 48% proof liquid Rolo. Expensive as it was compared to what I normally pay, I’m regretting buying only one bottle.


A friend of mine told me about a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky that sits at the back of her drinks cabinet.
Around 25 years ago, on a British Midland flight, as a “frequent flyer,” she was presented with the bottle. It is in it’s original box and it’s contents sit pristinely intact.
Is it particularly special, given it’s age does it have an enhanced value?
Any help in answering these questions and any additional information will be greatly appreciated. :+1: :dragon:

Yes. “Vintage” bottlings of even relatively mundane spirits can cost a fortune (I googled how much the bottle of Remy Martin VSOP from the 80s I inherited after I’d opened it!), so an already grand marque blend is probably worth a few bob.


The fact that British Midland ceased to exist quite a few years ago now may also be of interest to someone.


Whisky auction best place for it or look through past auction sales to get an idea

Never tried it, so I can’t speak from personal experience. Define special I guess. On the one hand, don’t rate Johnnie Walker in general, and it looks as if blue label is a standard 40% filtered job. On the other, it’s something like £120-200 per 70cl (and I remember it being priced at almost £100 20 years ago) so it’s certainly priced as a luxury item. Maybe it’s good?

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