Who to believe?

Aaaand wine review of the day goes to… :laughing:


It’s probably just me - I never find them useful and it’s not convenient for me to post them. I know I have done in the past but heaven knows where they are.

Now where were you when I needed you, when I started reading about wine all those years ago, and got intrigued by the chapter on Burgundy??



Sample size of two renders it of pretty limited value. Were it star ratings only I would ignore it completely. At least they put some written comment though, and it could be just differing expectations, a dud bottle (I tasted Guigal CdR at WS tasting last year, and thought it was pretty average, but as I know it’s usually a lot better, and it got some great reviews from people I trust, I put that down to a dud bottle, which was correct as it was miles better 2 months later when tasted again).

I would suggest it needs a bit more evidence to draw any conclusions…I have had more bottle variation with red Rhone than any other wine interestingly…

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Absolutely! :+1:

I would also add, that like any other drug - our experience of wine will be very much dependant on what we call ‘set and settings’. Our expectations, mood, company and context will be very much part of that experience, and as our experience of the world is completely subjective to start with - the mix leading to our assessment of the wine is very complex indeed.


Now 2:1 against -

Yes I saw that one too. Still a small sample size though :wink: but comments are always helpful if it tells you why…my experience is also that red Rhone is more prone to ‘problem’ bottles than most, which some people may not identify, at least not straightaway. Would be interesting to see a few more reviews though, however I have enough other CNdP, for now anyway…