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Who knows Furmint?


A recent mailing from my local offie…Tanners of Shrewsbury …has a Hungarian Furmint at £7.70. It describes this grape…“could be the next big thing” TWS has the Slovenian version…Sipon, but with mixed reviews.
Has anyone any experience of this grape and it’s synonyms
J Robinson gives it over 2 pages of text.


I’m sure @szaki1974 will have better pearls of wisdom to offer, but we recently enjoyed this dry Furmint:
It had a pleasant nose, not unlike a Chenin, stone fruit on the palate, and a very present minerality on the finish, which I liked a lot. Definitely recommended! :+1:
Majestic do another dry example:
But I am yet to try it.


Well that’s a start. Looked at the ‘Mad’ Allince listing. It mentions a glass stopper as the closure…New to me, or am I just hiding?


Yes! We had fun with the stopper! :wink:


I am definitely not an authority on Furmint, but definitely have enjoyed examples in the past. Usually at a higher price point though. It can also can age beautifully, have had same producer and same plot with 12 years bottle age difference at the same time and both showing great. At that price point I would be vary, but may well be a nice fresh early drinking bottle. I only ever saw glass stoppers in Hungary, that is also an indicator that it was meant for early consumption. While it looks very nice I am not a great fan of the glass stopper as I found it quite fiddly (though you can reuse the bottle and stopper and you have an attractive container of any liquid…).


I rather like those Vinolok glass closures - as @szaki1974 says, they are great for re-using on things like home-made elderflower cordial. I’ve had a few from Alsace too.

Fresh, unoaked Furmint, to my palate, has something of fresher versions of Clairette, Riesling and - yes - Chenin blanc about it. I find it a bit difficult to place and would probably guess wrongly if offered a blind taste. The great Furmints I have had though often have seen some oxygen in elevage, as is of course the case with the nobly rotten sweet forms.

I would dearly love to try an aged Furmint that had not seen time in cask or barrel - I’d love to see what it does after about ten or so years, hoping it does so in the way that Riesling, Semillon etc. change character utterly. Am I reading too much into your description, @szaki1974?


Have had the MAD bottling. Can’t say it made a huge impact. Though a respected wine drinking friend rates it highly.

I have a couple of bottles of the Sainsbury’s ttd 2016, Royal Tokaji, in the cellar. Well reviewed

Must pull a bottle out and retaste

They also do a late harvest dessert wine.


I don’t think I have had any old examples that saw no oak, but did have 14 - 15 year old bottles that developed very intriguingly and were very satisfying. As I said for the top examples you will need to pay the price… not white Burgundy price mind you but easily in the £20-£30 bucket and they are not normally available outside Hungary.


If ever you go to Hungary, check out Bortarsasag, they have a few shops in Hungary. The flagship store near the Parliament stocks all their range, I believe. They seem to have older examples. From the current selection the following two could be intriguing side by side:


I think that is meant to be bee’s wax.