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WHO do they think they are?

The WHO and the EU want you to stop drinking any alcohol.

I don’t know where this started but the WHO’s official position is that there is no such thing as a safe level.

Last December, the European Parliament followed with a long-awaited vote to say there is no safe level. After failing to get this passed in the past, this was included as part of their “Beating cancer plan”. The next stage for this is the EU Assembly.

These actions could result in restrictions on promotion, minimum pricing, bland labelling rules (a la tobacco), increased duty and taxes, removal of support for grape-growing regions etc. This could undermine swathes of culture worldwide.

I am sure that those in the know will be doing what they can to try to keep this fervour under some sort of control but wonder whether we should all be doing more?

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Apologies if I missed the tongue in cheek nature of this post, but those two statements don’t match - there are lots of things where we cannot officially say there is a safe limit, but that doesn’t mean they are banned.

I doubt wine drinking is under any threat. Minimum pricing is already here in (some bits of) the UK.

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“The WHO and the EU want you to stop drinking any alcohol.”
I think your being a bit over the top. We are no longer in the EU so they wont be trying to stop us drinking.
But they wont be trying to stop their citizens either. Just wanting them to reduce their consumption to safe levels.

According to the WHO " At a societal level, the European Union is the heaviest- drinking region in the world, with over one fifth of the European population aged 15 years and above reporting heavy episodic drinking (five or more drinks on an occasion, or 60g alcohol) at least once a week. Drinking at this unsafe level is a cost to all EU taxpayers .

Having read the WHO article that you linked, nowhere do they say ‘stop drinking alcohol’ - those are your words not the WHO’s.

They do however say “there is no safe level for drinking alcohol” - which is probably true.

Your alarmist predictions of ‘restrictions on promotion, minimum pricing, bland labelling etc’ already exist in some form or other. So I’m struggling to see what your point is?

Pray tell ! what do you have in mind?


How did our representatives vote when this was put before the European Parliament?

Perhaps it’s best lobbying your local MEP to indicate how you wish them to vote on your behalf?


He he… bit late for that ! :frowning:

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If you have to explain a joke and all that :sunglasses:

:smiling_face_with_tear: oh no !

What would be the economic consequences for cutting down wine drinking in the EU for the largely agricultural countries?

Nothing! In pre-Brexit days I could have written to my MEP but that option has gone.

I can see that the trade bodies have engaged as one would expect but am not sure their views will be enough to stop this ‘trend’.

By ‘the EU’ I assume you mean elected parliamentarians?


Don’t know but wine consumption in the EU has been falling for years. And some economic consequences would be positive - less drink driving, less demand on the health services.

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OK, so it’s not a healthy option and there’s a risk of bad health or even death, but to include alcohol along with illicit drugs is a bit much IMHO.

The danger is that all the enjoyment and interest in life gets squeezed out by an omnipresent obsession with reducing all risk to zero. We’ve all just had two years of experiencing a new danger and managing that risk to an acceptable level, while still trying to enjoy life, has been instructive. Very few people would be happy to exchange complete safety from a virus if that meant completely isolating from others - it’s about managed risk and acceptance on an individual level.

I hope the wish to protect the public doesn’t become a crusade that overrides life itself.


At the risk of indulging in thread drift I am willing to bet that in this country (and probably large parts of the USA) type 2 diabetes is a far more serious problem than illness through alcohol consumption.


This is the equivalent of ‘silly season’ stories. Someone in health says drinking isn’t good for you (no really??). Cue wringing of hands on both sides of the argument followed by some suggestion that something should be done (shades of Father Ted’s ‘down with this sort of thing’). Then everyone who drinks carries on drinking and those against feel better about themselves …. Not that I’m cynical about it all!


A GP comments

There is no safe level of inhaling oxygen (for 'tis that what ultimately gives us cancer)

Eliminating all other non-cancer diseases and we will all die of cancer. A simple truth.

And to re-iterate what I posted on a similar thread; as a GP I simply don’t see much chronic life-curtailing alcohol related / causated illness. As @Andrew1990 points out - T2DM and the other associated insulin-resistance illnesses are where chronic life-curtailing disease is at. They are due to obesity, idleness, eating refined foods, forsaking your gut biome, and above all the genetic hand of cards given to you the day you were born.