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White wine


Hi, in our small wine group the red wines usually come out with higher marks than the white (maybe because they are served last?). Can you recommend some whites that you think can beat the reds - in the region of £10-15 but could pay more for something special.


Here are some suggestions, of a range of styles, that I’ve either enjoyed or had recommended - my top tip in that price bracket is German Riesling (especially the Schloss Lieser) :yum::yum::yum:


Thank you for those suggestions, personally I love a Riesling so I’ll definitely try that one.


Someone in the industry once taught me to taste the whites, then the reds, then the whites again. You gain some interesting perspectives on the whites that way, but you can also get a bit drunk mixing all those wines.


The Exhibition Albariño and Kumeu River @Bluebeard lists both go into any white order I make. The Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay is also Kumeu River and a little cheaper.

A little over the £15 mark

And if you like sweet wine


Ah that’s an idea though as you say may be too squiffy to really taste them. I went to a wine tasting in Burgundy once where the reds were tasted first so maybe that’s the way to go.


If you’re doing 3 or 4 whites and same of red it works.

If it’s 50 of each maybe not so much!


Same experience in Bordeaux.


You could also throw a curveball in there and go with a traditional white Rioja.


Ooh yes I like a white rioja


The 2016 Trimbach Reisling is great too. Also the Stopham Pinot Gris if it ever reappears on the list. I think both offer a combination of complexity and pure pleasure/refreshment


Here’s my selection of good white wines - all delicious and tasty…

All except the Soave are in stock and all delicious in their own way, and appreciated even by red wine drinkers.


Easy - serve sweet white wine. And to really wow them serve Sauternes with Roquefort.

Sweet wines always wow.


Here are a few between £10 and £15 we have enjoyed. All in stock at the moment.

The Lugana probably my favourite (was the previous vintage, however)

Also fantastic, slightly over budget, but well worth considering for future vintages:


Thanks for the heads up on Cà dei Frati Lugana @Brocklehurstj. I did not know TWS stocked. Discovered their Ronchedone recently which was fabulous (albeit the wrong colour for this thread).


That Soave is really good, yup